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Court­ney Ru­bin是本期《鞋底美妙乾坤》專題的作者,她是《紐約時報》的資深撰稿人,作品曾刊登於《彭博商業周刊》、《滾石》、《Cos­mopoli­tan》、《Fast Com­pany》等雜誌,常居倫敦。Ru­bin說:「我清楚記得自己何時開始對鞋產生痴迷,那是在20多歲時,我去巴黎拜訪一位極具時尚感的好友,我們偶然發現了一雙綠色閃片Robert Clerg­erie高跟鞋。我當時完全不知道它能搭配什麼樣的造型,也不知道到底售價是不是合理,但我知道自己必須擁有它。就像祖母曾經說過的那樣:買吧,你一定會找到合適的場合穿它的。於是我買了,如今過去了15年多,我對鞋的態度始終如一。」 Court­ney Rubin, who wrote this is­sue’s “Sole of the Mat­ter” fea­ture, is a fre­quent con­trib­u­tor to The New York Times. Her work has also ap­peared in Bloomberg Busi­ness­week, Rolling Stone, Cos­mopoli­tan, Fast Com­pany and other pub­li­ca­tions. She lives in Lon­don. “I re­mem­ber ex­actly when my shoe obsession took root,” says Rubin. “I was in my early 20s, vis­it­ing a glam­orous friend in Paris, and we spot­ted a pair of green se­quined Robert Clerg­erie heels. I couldn’t fig­ure out what I was go­ing to do with them or how I could jus­tify the price, but I had to have them. As my grand­mother used to say, ‘Buy it and you’ll find a place to wear it.’ I did—and more than 15 years later, I still do.”

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