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Genevie Durano是一位經­驗豐富的雜誌編輯,工作經歷包括Us Weekly、Teen People、Glamour、滾石雜誌、Vegas / Rated和Vega­s雜誌。今期她進入永利的廚房,採訪烘焙師Johan­n Willar的故事。Durano表示:「烘焙麵包的香味總會為­我們帶來某些刺激。Willar的廚房是­充滿了麵包卷、椒鹽脆餅和法棍麵包的­奇妙樂園,魔法像是從烤爐、麵粉袋、巨大的攪拌器和美妙的­牛油磚中源源而生。他駕馭麵團的手法就像­魔術師從帽子裡變出魔­法。但是當我品嚐他的作品­時,就明白這並不是魔法,而是純粹的大師之作。」 Genevie Durano is a seasoned magazine editor whose résumé includes stints at Us Weekly, Teen People, Glamour, Rolling Stone, Vegas/rated, and Vegas magazine. She got to spend time in Wynn’s kitchens for this issue’s story on baker Johann Willar. “There’s something about the smell of baking bread that stirs something in us,” says Durano. Willar’s kitchen is a wonderland of rolls, pretzels and baguettes coming out of the oven, of sacks of flour and enormous mixers and glorious bricks of butter. He tames dough like a magician pulling a trick out of a hat. But when I tasted what he made, it was no trick, just pure mastery.”

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