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Claire Trageser為眾­多雜誌及新聞媒體供稿,包括《瑪麗嘉兒》、《跑者世界》、美國國家公共廣播電台、Travel + Leisure雜誌及­Mashable互聯­網新聞網誌。她在加州大學伯克萊分­校取得新聞學碩士學位,現今在聖地亞哥生活和­工作,空閒時喜歡旅行和練習­馬拉松。今期她寫的專題非常契­合她的愛好,是關於永利廣場(Wynn Plaza)新增的兩個健康生活相­關項目。Trageser說:「我去洛杉磯拜訪朋友時­第一次去了Urth Caffé,非常喜歡那裡的氛圍,尤其是那裡出品的咖啡。我點了一杯Hello Kitty拿鐵,泡沫上畫著卡通形象,那是我見過的拿鐵拉花­藝術裡印象最深刻的一­款!」 Claire Trageser contribute­s to magazines and news outlets including Marie Claire, Runner’s World, NPR, Travel + Leisure, and Mashable. She earned a master’s degree in journalism at UC Berkeley and now lives and works in San Diego. In her free time, she travels and trains for marathons. Aptly, she wrote this issue’s story on two wellness-oriented additions to Wynn Plaza. “I first went to Urth Caffé in L.A. while visiting a friend, and loved its atmosphere and especially its coffee,” says Trageser. “I ordered a Hello Kitty latte, which had the cartoon character drawn in the foam—the most impressive latte art I’ve ever seen!”

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