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身心投入健康運動He­art & Soul


- by Claire Trageser

For devoted Soulcycle patrons, the appeal is in the consistenc­y of the experience. But opening in Vegas means giving the crowds a little extra flash.

您可能覺得自己已經相­當熟悉Soulcyc­le,畢竟這間源於紐約的健­身單車公司開設的訓練­課程都是統一標準-刺激腎上腺素分泌、令人熱血沸騰的45分­鐘有氧運動。90多間分店遍佈美國­和加拿大,粉絲滿堂。然而Soulcycl­e的健身房體驗高級副­總裁Melissa Xides表示,這次在拉斯維加斯開設­的首間分店會加入更多­亮點。這間3,145平方英尺的全新­分店位於Wynn Plaza (永利廣場,擁有眾多獨家設施,如特別設置的燈光效果,更勝以往的音樂歌)單、同步變幻的藝術及霓虹­燈裝置。Melissa Xides介紹說:「訓練課程會每月輪換,我們正在與眾多藝人和­品牌合作推出特別聯乘­系列,而且只在拉斯維加斯分­店提供。」一齊期待頂級DJ的出­現吧,還有永利俱樂部藝人配­合演出的主題及固定課­程。沒想到永利的奢華夜生­活也能變得如此健康熱­血呢!

YOU MAY THINK YOU KNOW SOULCYCLE—AFTER all, the New York City-born company’s format is comforting­ly consistent: an adrenaline-pumping, 45-minute cardio workout for which its devotees flock to more than 90 studios in the United States and Canada. A Las Vegas debut, however, demands a little extra flash, says Melissa Xides, Soulcycle’s senior vice president of studio experience. With lighting synced to what she describes as “better-than-ever playlists and rotating art and neon installati­ons,” the new 3,145-square-foot studio in Wynn Plaza comes with some Vegas exclusives. “Our retail collection­s will rotate monthly, and we’re working on surprising collaborat­ions with artists and brands that you can only get in our Las Vegas studio,” she says. Expect appearance­s by top DJS, plus themed rides and set list rides in partnershi­p with artists performing in Wynn nightclubs. Thumping Wynn nightlife never felt so virtuous.

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