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今年冬季,永利劇場繼續呈獻一系­列令人讚歎的精彩演出。喜劇演員Chris Tucker來到拉斯­維加斯,僅在永利劇場獨家安排­兩場演出,時間: 2019年1月19日­星期六。他曾出演《尖峰時刻》系列電影、HBO的Def Comedy Jam棟篤笑喜劇節目­以及在經典搞怪電影《Friday》中擔任主角而爆紅,如今重回棟篤笑舞台,在Netf lix主持原創特別節­目Chris Tucker: Live大受觀眾歡迎。其後是歌壇傳奇巨星S­mokey Robinson將於­2019年2月27日­至32月 日帶來三場獨家演出。他是The Miracles樂隊­成員,也是殿堂級音樂廠牌M­otown的聯合創始­人,曾製作26首冠軍歌曲­及40首熱門歌曲,包括有“You’ve Really Got a Hold On Me”、“I Second That Emotion”及“The Tears of a Clown”等等。作為Motown最高­產的詞曲作者和製作人­之一,他還負責製作了“My Guy”、“The Way You Do the Things You Do”、個人大熱單曲“Cruisin’、“Being With You”等等,如此經典的Motow­n時刻不容錯過。可在線購買Chris Tucker和Smo­key Robinson演出­門票或致電702-770-9966預訂。

THE ARRAY OF EXTRAORDIN­ARY SHOWS AT ENCORE THEATER continue to wow this winter. In his only scheduled Las Vegas appearance, comedian Chris Tucker performs two shows on Saturday, January 19. Known for the Rush Hour series, HBO’S Def Comedy Jam and his starring role in the cult classic Friday, you’ll love Tucker’s current return to stand-up—which kicked off with the Netflix original special, Chris Tucker: Live. Then the legendary Smokey Robinson arrives for three exclusive performanc­es, February 27 to March 2. As a member of The Miracles, Robinson co-founded the iconic music label Motown and went on to produce 26 top-40 hits, including “You’ve Really Got a Hold On Me,” “I Second That Emotion” and “The Tears of a Clown.” As one of Motown’s most prolific songwriter­s and producers, Robinson is also responsibl­e for “My Guy” and “The Way You Do the Things You Do,” as well as his own solo hits including “Cruisin’” and “Being With You.” Don’t miss this major Motown moment. Buy Chris Tucker and Smokey Robinson tickets online or call show reservatio­ns at 702-770-9966.

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