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Cuan­do se ha­bla de Luis Li­bar­do Su­ta no so­lo se ha­ce re­fe­ren­cia al pro­pie­ta­rio de Li­bar­dog, sino tam­bién al crea­dor del fa­mo­so ‘Pe­rro Lo­co’, un hot dog re­lleno con tro­zos de lo­mo fino y cho­ri­zo, cu­bier­to con que­so fun­di­do que só­lo se pue­de dis­fru­tar en es­te re­co­no­ci­do res­tau­ran­te. En un am­bien­te fa­mi­liar, en el que las son­ri­sas y el tra­to ama­ble ha­cen par­te del menú, los vi­si­tan­tes de­gus­tan las ham­bur­gue­sas do­ble pi­so, el nu­tri­ti­vo Gy­ro -un pan ára­be re­lleno de ver­du­ras y car­nes- y los tra­di­cio­na­les pe­rros, to­dos acom­pa­ña­dos de cro­can­tes pa­pi­tas a la fran­ce­sa, ba­ña­das con la que es con­si­de­ra­da la me­jor salsa tár­ta­ra de la ciu­dad. En las me­sas de Li­bar­dog se han sen­ta­do ar­tis­tas de la ta­lla de Al­bi­ta Ro­drí­guez, em­pre­sa­rios, de­por­tis­tas, per­so­na­li­da­des de la fa­rán­du­la na­cio­nal y la ad­mi­nis­tra­ción pú­bli­ca y tres ge­ne­ra­cio­nes de jó­ve­nes y ni­ños, pe­ro pa­ra su pro­pie­ta­rio no hay di­fe­ren­cia, por­que a ca­da clien­te lo ha­ce sen­tir co­mo un ami­go es­pe­cial. When you speak of Luis Li­bar­do Su­ta, you are not only spea­king of the ow­ner of Li­bar­dog, but al­so the crea­tor of the fa­mous “Pe­rro Lo­co” (Mad Dog), which is a hot dog stuf­fed with pie­ces of ten­der­loin and cho­ri­zo, co­ve­red with mel­ted chee­se that you can only find and en­joy in this wellk­nown res­tau­rant. With a cozy en­vi­ron­ment whe­re smi­les and friend­li­ness are a part of the me­nu, the vi­si­tors en­joy the dou­ble stac­ked ham­bur­gers, the very nu­tri­tious Gy­ro (an Ara­bian pie­ce of bread fi­lled with meat and ve­ge­ta­bles), and the tra­di­tio­nal hot dogs. All of the­se co­me with a si­de of French fries co­ve­red with the best known tar­tar sau­ce in the city. Im­por­tant ar­tists li­ke Al­bi­ta Ro­dri­guez, bu­si­ness­men, ath­le­tes, TV per­so­na­li­ties, go­vern­ment of­fi­cials, and th­ree dif­fe­rent ge­ne­ra­tions of lo­cal fa­mi­lies ha­ve all sat at the ta­bles of Li­bar­dog, but for the ow­ner, the­re is no dif­fe­ren­ce who is at the ta­ble be­cau­se he treats and ma­kes ever­yo­ne feel spe­cial.

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