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In­dis­cu­ti­ble­men­te Flo­ri­da­blan­ca es la ca­pi­tal dul­ce de Co­lom­bia. Cu­na de man­ja­res, con­ser­vas, are­qui­pes y una lis­ta inima­gi­na­ble de pro­duc­tos he­chos a ba­se de fru­tas, su tra­di­ción dul­ce­ra de­lei­ta en ca­da es­qui­na. Pre­ci­sa­men­te Dul­ces Ce­lis, em­pre­sa fun­da­da en 1934 fue una de las for­ja­do­ras de es­ta tra­di­ción que hoy son la tar­je­ta de pre­sen­ta­ción de los san­tan­de­rea­nos en el país y el ex­te­rior. Es­ta em­pre­sa fun­da­da por los em­pren­de­do­res Pa­blo Ce­lis y Gra­cie­la Mar­tí­nez pro­du­ce des­de ha­ce 80 años dul­ces de le­che, apio (arra­ca­cha), li­món, pi­ña, ci­dra, arroz, coco, bre­vas, ma­mey, mora y gua­ya­ba en to­do ti­po de pre­sen­ta­cio­nes y em­pa­ques, que ha­cen de sus pro­duc­tos un re­ga­lo de gran va­lor emo­cio­nal. Los dul­ces y pos­tres ca­rac­te­ri­za­dos por su ela­bo­ra­ción a par­tir de pro­duc­tos na­tu­ra­les y ma­te­ria pri­ma se­lec­cio­na­da son pro­ta­go­nis­tas de la his­to­ria de la re­gión que se cua­ja todos los días des­de las cal­de­ras de es­ta em­pre­sa. Wit­hout a doubt, Flo­ri­da­blan­ca, is the ca­pi­tal of sweets in Co­lom­bia. It is a pla­ce for de­li­ca­cies, can­ned pro­ducts, are­qui­pes, and an uni­ma­gi­na­ble list of pro­ducts de­ri­ved from fruit. You can find this sweet tra­di­tion on every cor­ner. Dul­ces Ce­lis, a com­pany foun­ded in 1934, was one of the pio­neers of this tra­di­tion that no­wa­days is the stan­dard for how candy is pre­sen­ted, not only in San­tan­der and Co­lom­bia, but ot­her coun­tries as well. This com­pany was foun­ded by en­tre­pre­neurs, Pa­blo Ce­lis and Gra­cie­la Mar­tí­nez, and has been making sweets ma­de from milk, ce­lery, li­me, pi­neap­ple, ci­der, ri­ce, co­co­nut, rai­sins, ma­mey, blac­kberry and gua­va for the past 80 years. They ha­ve all ty­pes of pre­sen­ta­tions and pac­ka­ging which ma­ke the­se pro­ducts a gift with great sen­ti­men­tal va­lue. The­se sweets and des­serts known for their na­tu­ral in­gre­dients and pri­me ma­te­rials re­crea­te his­tory every day from the hot pots of the com­pany.

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