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Santander Inolvidable - - Bien­ve­ni­dos -

To­do el es­plen­dor de Ba­ri­cha­ra se dis­fru­ta­rá en Ba­ga­rí, un pro­yec­to pa­ra quie­nes les en­can­ta el con­fort, la na­tu­ra­le­za, y don­de po­drá va­lo­ri­zar su di­ne­ro. En los 158.315 m2 del pro­yec­to se con­ser­va­rá la her­mo­sa ar­qui­tec­tu­ra del mu­ni­ci­pio, de­cla­ra­do Mo­nu­men­to Na­cio­nal. Ba­ga­rí es­tá ubi­ca­do ha­cia la sa­li­da a Gua­ne, so­bre el sen­de­ro al Salto del Mi­co, con vis­ta to­tal so­bre el ca­ñón del río Suá­rez. En es­te com­ple­jo se ofre­cen tres con­jun­tos ce­rra­dos y una zo­na de lo­tes abier­tos, es­tos ten­drán: ca­lles em­pe­dra­das, re­des eléc­tri­cas sub­te­rrá­neas, alum­bra­do pú­bli­co con ener­gía so­lar, tan­ques de al­ma­ce­na­mien­to de agua, par­ques li­nea­les, zo­nas ver­des, par­quea­de­ros, ser­vi­cios de acue­duc­to, al­can­ta­ri­lla­do, ener­gía y gas. Pa­ra los con­jun­tos ce­rra­dos: por­te­ría, ce­rra­mien­to en ta­pia pi­sa­da, pis­ci­na, cá­ma­ras de se­gu­ri­dad, zo­na so­cial, zo­nas ver­des y par­quea­de­ros. The en­ti­re splen­dor in Ba­ri­cha­ra will ta­ke pla­ce in Ba­ga­rí, a pro­ject for tho­se that love com­fort and na­tu­re, and whe­re you will get the most out of your mo­ney. Wit­hin the 158.315 m2 of the pro­ject, the beauty and ar­chi­tec­tu­re of the town, on­ce de­cla­red a na­tio­nal mo­nu­ment, will be pre­ser­ved. Ba­ga­rí is lo­ca­ted right be­fo­re you exit to Gua­ne, over the path to­wards Salto Del Mi­co, with a to­tal view of the Can­yon of the Sua­rez Ri­ver. In this com­plex the­re are th­ree ga­ted com­mu­ni­ties and a zo­ne of open lots in which the­re will be streets ma­de out of sto­ne, sub­te­rra­nean elec­tri­cal net­works, pu­blic elec­tri­city with so­lar energy, wa­ter tanks to re­tain wa­ter, parks, green zo­nes, par­king lots, se­wa­ge ser­vi­ces, gas and elec­tri­city. For the ga­ted com­mu­ni­ties the­re will be: con­trol to­wers, an en­clo­sed wall of mud, a swim­ming pool, se­cu­rity ca­me­ras, so­cial and green zo­nes, and par­king lots.

Cra. 6 No. 4 - 60 (Sa­la de ven­tas) 300 5048374 - 320 4494874 Ba­ri­cha­ra

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