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San­ti­a­gue­ro of pu­re blo­od, Gerardo Fulleda Le­on was a rest­less boy and lo­ver of Li­te­ra­tu­re. Among bo­oks, he dis­co­ve­red the pas­si­on for the the­a­ter and be­gins to wri­te plays. In 1961, he be­gan to study in the Se­mi­nar of Dra­ma­turgy of the Na­ti­o­nal The­a­ter of Cuba.

Fulleda Le­on has worked in the fi­eld of dra­ma­turgy and sta­ge ma­na­ge­ment. He has di­rec­ted the Ri­ta Mon­ta­ner The­a­ter Com­pany for many ye­ars, but his work as a playw­right en­dor­ses him as a dra­ma­tur­ge of com­pe­lling re­fe­ren­ce in the Cu­ban the­a­ter.

In the plays of Fulleda Le­on it can be ap­pre­ci­a­ted the abi­lity to re­cre­a­te con­texts drawing in­teres­ting car­to­ons of ot­her ti­mes. The ra­ci­al the­me is anot­her li­ne that has cha­rac­te­ri­zed his wri­ting.

Among his most im­por­tant texts we can men­ti­on Plá­ci­do, Pri­ze of the Com­pe­ti­ti­on Te­a­tro Es­tu­dio in 1982; Cha­go de Gui­sa,

Casa de las Ame­ri­cas Award in 1989, Re­mo­li­no en las Aguas and one of his re­cent cre­a­ti­ons, La pa­si­ón deso­be­di­en­te,

a text de­di­ca­ted to Ger­tru­dis Gó­mez de Ave­lla­ne­da.

At 75, Fulleda holds not only the Na­ti­o­nal The­a­ter Pri­ze but al­so the strength and cla­rity of a playw­right in love, the per­se­ve­ran­ce and youth of tho­se who always ha­ve so­met­hing to say.

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