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The Do­mi­ni­can art sce­ne tre­a­su­res a plet­ho­ra of young ar­tists who of­fer us cur­rent art: a con­tem­po­rary art, as a pu­re ex­pres­si­on of me­ga-di­ver­sity. They are well-trai­ned ar­tists in the dif­fe­rent art sc­ho­ols of uni­ver­si­ti­es and ot­her qua­lity nic­hes.

To­day we want to re­fer to a young and ta­len­ted ar­tist of ours who marks dif­fe­ren­ces for his ver­sa­ti­lity and re­fi­ned tra­de: Fer­mín Ce­ba­llos, a stan­dard-be­a­rer of pro­gress and cons­tant rein­ven­ti­on, with new the­ma­tic and tech­ni­cal pro­po­sals that pla­ce him on the path of cons­tant im­pro­ve­ment.

Cre­a­ting dif­fe­ren­ces is his best exam­ple of buil­ding new spa­ces and be­co­me the best pu­pil of the ge­ne­ra­ti­ons that fo­llow and res­pect them, fa­cing the cha­llen­ges de­man­ded by the in­e­xo­ra­ble so­ci­al, po­li­ti­cal and eco­no­mic chan­ges de­man­ded by the par­ti­cu­lar con­di­ti­on of this is­lan­der.

The his­tory of con­tem­po­rary Do­mi­ni­can art, lo­ca­ted in the An­ti­lle­an arc, has be­en for Ce­ba­llos not a go­al, but rat­her a pro­ject that go­es beyond his ori­gi­nal cre­a­ti­ons and that mo­ves on the uns­top­pa­ble whe­els of his­tory, always ac­com­pa­nying the fic­ti­ons or the re­a­li­ti­es of his ma­gi­cal is­land.

What a joy to sha­re spa­ces with this con­se­cra­ted ar­tist of ours al­re­ady ma­tu­re and always pro­duc­ti­ve: a gra­te­ful stu­dent of the sa­cred mas­ters of pain­ting, drawing and Do­mi­ni­can sculp­tu­re!

The cur­rent and fu­tu­re con­tri­bu­ti­on of his ar­tis­tic pro­duc­ti­on will sti­mu­la­te the re­newing and in­no­va­ti­ve vi­ta­lity of tho­se who fo­llow him, ser­ving at the sa­me ti­me as a re­fe­ren­ce to the­se new ta­lents that com­ple­te the cre­a­ti­ve uni­ver­se, ac­com­pa­nying them to grow.

Fer­mín Ce­ba­llos is one of the most no­ta­ble ex­po­nents of con­tem­po­ra­neity in the Do­mi­ni­can plas­tic arts. He is a cre­dit to and sti­mu­la­tes a new ge­ne­ra­ti­on of cre­a­tors.

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