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If at any ti­me one ye­arns or dre­ams to pos­sess the gift of ubi­quity, it is pre­ci­sely du­ring Mi­a­mi Art We­ek days, early De­cem­ber. The one of last 2017 was no ex­cep­ti­on. Art Ba­sel Mi­a­mi Be­ach is the core and the tip of a com­pre­hen­si­ve vi­su­al iceberg that is im­pos­si­ble to grasp in se­ven days: Art Mi­a­mi, Con­text Art Mi­a­mi, Un­tit­led, Pul­se Mi­a­mi Be­ach, Aqua Art, Sco­pe, Spec­trum, Su­per­fi­ne!, Art Afri­ca Mi­a­mi Arts Fair, Art Spot, Design Mi­a­mi, Frid­ge, Form, Ink, Not­hing, Prizm, Sa­te­lli­te Art Show, Red Dot... besi­des ot­her ins­ti­tu­ti­ons such as mu­seums, ga­lle­ri­es, cul­tu­ral cen­ters, ar­tist stu­di­os, works­hops and even parks and squa­res. They take ad­van­ta­ge of that uni­que mo­ment to re­cei­ve the vi­ews of im­por­tant cri­tics, spe­ci­a­lists, collec­tors, ga­llery ow­ners, art lo­vers, stu­dents and the ge­ne­ral pu­blic, at­trac­ted by this mag­net not only ar­tis­tic, but al­so com­mer­ci­al. In the gi­gan­tic can­vas of dis­si­mi­lar ways of doing, it is pos­si­ble to find the fo­ot­prints of most of the fa­mous plas­tic ar­tists of the pla­net. In this edi­ti­on of the In­ter­na­ti­o­nal Fair of Con­tem­po­rary Art, the youn­ger sis­ter of the re­now­ned Art Ba­sel (Swit­zer­land), foun­ded in 2002, the­re par­ti­ci­pa­ted two hundred and sixty ga­lle­ri­es from thirty-five coun­tri­es, with mo­re than four thou­sand cre­a­tors from all parts of the world, and Ar­gen­ti­na, Bra­zil, Me­xi­co and Co­lom­bia stan­ding out for their re­pre­sen­ta­ti­on, which are among the fun­da­men­tal ar­tis­tic cen­ters of Our Ame­ri­ca. All of them oc­cu­pi­ed, betwe­en De­cem­ber 7 and 10, the fifty thou­sand squa­re me­ters of ex­hi­bi­ti­on of the Mi­a­mi Be­ach Con­ven­ti­on Cen­ter, di­vi­ded in­to ni­ne sec­tors. In this con­text, Arte por Ex­ce­len­ci­as lan­ded with its 35th is­sue. The lar­ge lobby of the Con­ven­ti­on Cen­ter fe­a­tu­red the most im­por­tant art ma­ga­zi­nes from all con­ti­nents. A true ce­le­bra­ti­on of uni­ver­sal sha­pes and co­lors ca­me to­get­her un­der the sa­me ro­of. The pu­blic had the op­por­tu­nity to gau­ge, in a few hours, what is made on the pla­net in terms of vi­su­al arts.

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