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Per­haps the tit­le lacks so­me ex­cla­ma­ti­on marks to re­ve­al my ent­hu­si­asm for ha­ving a pre­text to re­turn to Me­xi­co. But still… they may be not ad­vi­sa­ble, be­cau­se of tho­se whims of the Spa­nish lan­gua­ge that make an ex­pres­si­on of an­noyan­ce de­no­te the sa­me me­a­ning. So it is enough to make it cle­ar that one mo­re edi­ti­on of the Fe­ria de Arte Con­tem­porá­neo Zo­na Ma­co (Zo­na Ma­co Con­tem­po­rary Art Fair) is co­ming -"the most im­por­tant Art Fair in La­tin Ame­ri­ca," ac­cor­ding to its pro­mo­ti­on- and that Arte por Ex­ce­len­ci­as will be the­re again. Ci­ti­ba­na­mex is an im­pres­si­ve pla­ce due to its mag­ni­tu­de. In any of its halls, each of them se­pa­ra­ted from the rest by thick pa­nels and do­ors that do not let out the sligh­test noi­se, you can play a ba­se­ball game. And the­re are so many ways of se­eing con­tem­po­rary art, which an event like this of­fers us, that everything se­ems like an im­men­se fi­eld whe­re each ma­na­ger pro­po­ses a game va­ri­ant, per­haps spec­ta­cu­lar or bo­ring, but ne­ver in­dif­fe­rent. No mat­ter how far the con­ven­ti­on cen­ter of the city's best-known dis­tricts is: Zo­na Ma­co gets crow­ded with pe­o­ple after it opens at no­on du­ring the five days it lasts. To get the­re, it is well worth walking down the end­less cor­ri­dors of an en­clo­su­re ex­ce­llently illu­mi­na­ted by sun­light and with the ple­a­sant vi­ew of the ad­joi­ning Hi­pó­dro­mo Na­ci­o­nal (Na­ti­o­nal Hip­po­dro­me.) I con­fess that I mis­sed the first day of the pre­vi­ous edi­ti­on, not only be­cau­se of the mul­ti­ple es­ca­la­tors that make it ea­si­er for the vi­si­tors to ac­cess the pla­ce, but be­cau­se of my in­ex­pe­ri­en­ce by ar­ri­ving shortly be­fo­re eight in the mor­ning at an event that ope­ned at twel­ve and clo­sed at ni­ne. I am cu­ri­ous to see how the or­ga­ni­zers will ma­na­ge to make co­he­rent, on­ce again and without vi­o­la­ting the in­terests of tho­se who pay best, that num­ber of ga­lle­ri­es that be­co­me in­fi­ni­te and new to us ac­cor­ding to the rou­te we ar­ran­ge each day. Zo­na Ma­co is al­re­ady here, a fair that be­co­mes the spe­ar­he­ad for so­me emer­ging ar­tists of the re­gi­on and vi­su­a­li­zes much of what is going down in old Eu­ro­pe. And Arte por Ex­ce­len­ci­as cle­ans its glas­ses, uns­he­at­hes the pen, ad­justs the lens of its ca­me­ra, and pre­pa­res it­self to go me­et the ama­zing.

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