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Ar­te por Ex­ce­len­ci­as ma­ga­zi­ne had an ex­clu­si­ve me­e­ting with the main pro­mo­ter of the Mes de la Cul­tu­ra Fran­ce­sa (The French Cul­tu­re Month), Mr. Je­an-ma­rie Bru­no, am­bas­sa­dor of Fran­ce to our country. He­re is a sum­mary of what he ex­pres­sed:

«It's a long his­tory of cul­tu­ral exc­han­ges that be­gan mo­re than two hun­dred ye­ars ago. We are in a new sta­ge, a mo­re dy­na­mic and ac­ti­ve one, of the cul­tu­ral co­o­pe­ra­ti­on betwe­en our two coun­tri­es, af­ter the de­ci­si­on of Pre­si­dent François Ho­llan­de, when he vi­si­ted Cu­ba in 2015, to launch he­re a Month of the French Cul­tu­re.

»This is the third ti­me that the Em­bassy has or­ga­ni­zed this event, with two ob­jec­ti­ves: first, to allow the Cu­ban pu­blic to dis­co­ver the cre­a­ti­vity and diversity of con­tem­po­rary French cul­tu­ral cre­a­ti­on; se­cond, to cre­a­te a las­ting co­o­pe­ra­ti­on betwe­en the world of French cul­tu­re and the world of Cu­ban cul­tu­re in all ma­ni­fes­ta­ti­ons: plas­tic arts, dan­ce, the­a­ter, arc­hi­tec­tu­re and ur­ban plan­ning, a who­le ran­ge that allows an exc­han­ge betwe­en our so­ci­e­ti­es.

»We are two na­ti­ons that con­si­der that cul­tu­re is not a com­mo­dity, that cul­tu­re is a right, that it is part of the in­te­gral de­ve­lop­ment of the hu­man being, and that the Sta­te has a par­ti­cu­lar ro­le in the pro­mo­ti­on of cul­tu­ral ex­pres­si­ons and equa­lity of ac­cess to cul­tu­re».

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