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Ale­xis Triana de­ci­ded to stand up. He then felt at ea­se to tell tho­se pre­sent that Me­mo­ria Nu­es­tra was tur­ning 24 ye­ars; that it was one of many events in­clu­ded in the ul­ti­ma­te fest that the Ro­me­rí­as we­re, and that con­tains the es­sen­ce of co­llec­ti­ve cre­a­ti­on in its spi­rit.

The Ho­no­rary Pre­si­dent´s spe­ech at this pro­foundly Ibe­ri­an-ame­ri­can fes­ti­vity is not only an ap­pe­al to the me­mory: it was a sum­mary in words of that gre­at ef­fort ma­te­ri­a­li­zed in the El Hac­ha en la Cruz: a bo­ok that com­pi­les the his­tory of the Ro­me­rí­as de Mayo. With a pro­found emo­ti­on, he men­ti­o­ned the per­so­na­li­ti­es who ha­ve be­en pre­sent in this event over 25 ye­ars as pi­llars of thought, and who ha­ve do­ne so much for the sa­fe­guar­ding of Cu­ban thinking tra­di­ti­on.

«It is al­re­ady four ge­ne­ra­ti­ons -sta­ted Triana– who ha­ve be­en in­vol­ved in de­fen­se of what is na­ti­o­nal from a spa­ce out­si­de Ha­va­na, thus doing away with the myth that what do­es not hap­pen in the ca­pi­tal just do­es not hap­pen. To­day we ha­ve 25 edi­ti­ons of so­met­hing that we con­cei­ved from Hol­guín for the who­le country, and that has in­vol­ved mo­re than 50 na­ti­ons. I think we are still growing and that is the gre­at cha­llen­ge for the young pe­o­ple: to ke­ep dre­a­ming».

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