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When you watch the per­for­man­ces of the Ballet Español de Cu­ba (Spa­nish Ballet of Cu­ba,) the in­flu­en­ce of fla­men­co in our rhythms and the strong per­cus­si­ve ba­se of the mu­sic and dan­ce of the big Ca­rib­be­an is­land cle­arly pop up. They dan­ce with their who­le bo­di­es, their hands, their fe­et, their looks. The­re is much mo­re: symbiosis, creativity, and the desi­re to work and do it well that mul­ti­pli­es on the sta­ge in each new per­for­man­ce.

The Spa­nish Ballet of Cu­ba (BEC) was foun­ded in 1987 un­der the aus­pi­ces of Ali­cia Alon­so. The first di­rec­tor of the group was Ol­ga Bus­ta­man­te, un­til 1993 when dancer and cho­re­o­grap­her Edu­ar­do Vei­tía to­ok over.

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