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Re­cently, the ele­venth edi­ti­on of the Swab in­ter­na­ti­o­nal fair has be­en held in Barcelona, of which we al­re­ady of­fe­red ex­ten­si­ve in­for­ma­ti­on last ye­ar. This edi­ti­on has shown se­ve­ral pro­po­sals that ser­ve to gi­ve us a gre­a­ter know­led­ge about con­tem­po­rary art that takes pla­ce in dif­fe­rent pla­ces, mainly tho­se re­la­ted to the Ame­ri­can con­ti­nent, whe­re we have be­en able to ap­pre­ci­a­te the cre­a­ti­ve work of ar­tists who, in most of the ca­ses, it is the first ti­me par­ti­ci­pa­ting in a fair of the­se cha­rac­te­ris­tics.

From its be­gin­nings, the soul of the pro­ject, the collec­tor and arc­hi­tect Jo­a­quín Dí­ez-cas­cón, pro­po­sed a sce­na­rio whe­re

the works of young cre­a­tors could be ex­hi­bi­ted, or what is the sa­me: emer­ging art, in which the cu­ra­to­ri­al pro­jects have a pre­do­mi­nant ro­le, sin­ce it allows us to know clo­sely and per­so­nally works that might go un­no­ti­ced, but thanks to ini­ti­a­ti­ves of this ty­pe, the works can be shown in their en­ti­rety. For this re­a­son, a for­mu­la that allows a clo­ser re­la­ti­ons­hip betwe­en the pu­blic, that is, the pos­si­ble collec­tor, and the ar­tist him­self has be­en sought, taking in­to ac­count the eco­no­mic va­lue of the pi­e­ces that are ex­hi­bi­ted, so that it can be ac­ces­si­ble to a gre­at ma­jo­rity of po­ten­ti­al buyers, mo­ving away from the pre­mi­ses of pre­ten­ding to be an eli­tist art.

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