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The 38th edi­tion of Ar­co Ma­drid, reite­ra­tes the wish to be a mee­ting point and ex­chan­ge bet­ween the peo­ples of Ibe­ria-ame­ri­ca and Eu­ro­pe. This is reaf­fir­med by the de­ci­sion that Pe­ru is the guest country of ho­nor - this had al­ready hap­pe­ned with Ar­gen­ti­na and Co­lom­bia - and that mo­re than twenty Pe­ru­vian crea­tors li­ving in dif­fe­rent parts of the world are re­pre­sen­ted by mo­re than fif­teen ga­lle­ries. In fact, the Pe­ru Fo­rum will pro­po­se con­ver­sa­tions about the pe­cu­lia­ri­ties of Pe­ru­vian con­tem­po­rary art; and Ma­drid will ha­ve an im­por­tant dis­play of dif­fe­rent Pe­ru­vian ex­hi­bi­tions.

The Spa­nish ca­pi­tal "will pro­vi­de an ex­cep­tio­nal mo­ment in Fe­bruary to ce­le­bra­te co­llec­ting in La­tin Ame­ri­ca," says the of­fi­cial press re­lea­se, "with the coin­ci­den­ce of dif­fe­rent pro­jects in the main art cen­ters and mu­seums." And of cour­se, very much lin­ked to the pro­ject is the #Me­com­prou­nao­bra ini­tia­ti­ve: un­til al­most the end of the year, works can be pur­cha­sed on In­ter­net at the pri­ce of about two thou­sand eu­ros. Meanw­hi­le, the free ad­vi­sory ser­vi­ce of the Fun­da­ción Ban­co Santander has been ac­ti­va­ted. On­ce again the di­gi­tal sce­na­rio will of­fer the pos­si­bi­lity of ex­plo­ring the si­te and the works, whi­le the al­ready clas­sic pro­gram of in­ter­na­tio­nal bu­yers will bring th­ree hun­dred co­llec­tors and two hun­dred pro­fes­sio­nals from mo­re than forty coun­tries.

As the Me­xi­cans say "yes, sir" and the Ve­ne­zue­lans "at your ser­vi­ce," the first word pro­noun­ced by he who is at­ten­ding to you is a vo­ca­tion of ser­vi­ce. The Ar­te por Excelencias team and the Gru­po Excelencias in full are put at the dis­po­sal of the­se for­mi­da­ble op­por­tu­ni­ties. On­ce again we will be ac­cre­di­ted as ac­ti­ve par­ti­ci­pants in each of the­se con­tem­po­rary art fairs, just as again our ma­ga­zi­ne has been se­lec­ted for the stand of cul­tu­ral ma­ga­zi­nes of Art Ba­sel Mia­mi Beach. And we will be the­re with a cre­den­tial as ex­hi­bi­tors to­get­her with Cu­ban cri­tic To­ni Pi­ñe­ra, rightly ear­ned with our pres­ti­ge, and with (very soon) a de­ca­de of fruit­ful exis­ten­ce.

Tho­se of us who at­ten­ded as spe­cial guests at the 14th In­ter­na­tio­nal Fair of Bo­go­tá can con­firm that we al­so felt, th­rough the stands and co­rri­dors of this event, the wish to po­si­tion it as a man­da­tory re­fe­ren­ce in in­ter­na­tio­nal cir­cuits. That Co­lom­bia has main­tai­ned this art fair as a pro­gram of the Cham­ber of Com­mer­ce, clo­se to tur­ning fif­teen, is mo­re than illus­tra­ti­ve. The vi­sit of Pre­si­dent Iván Du­que to the ex­hi­bi­tors in­clu­ding the Cu­ban stand of Ga­le­ría Servando, whe­re he took pic­tu­res and was in­ter­es­ted in the works - the words of wel­co­me from the ma­yor of Bo­go­tá, and the speech by di­rec­tor Ma­ría Paz Ga­vi­ria pro­ve it.

As al­ready felt in the co­rri­dors of the Wifredo Lam Cen­ter - that ex­ci­ting hot­bed that Ar­te por Excelencias knows well - we are here al­so to sup­port the Con­se­jo Na­cio­nal de las Ar­tes Es­cé­ni­cas (CNAP, Na­tio­nal Coun­cil of Plas­tic Arts) of Cu­ba for wha­te­ver it needs. And we wel­co­me the ap­point­ment of Jor­ge Al­fon­so as the new exe­cu­ti­ve di­rec­tor of the Havana Bien­nial, be­cau­se we we­re born in that event, in 2008. The­re is, as the best tes­ti­mony pos­si­ble, the text by Co­ri­na Ma­ta­mo­ros an­noun­cing then the re­lea­se of the first is­sue, "250 grams of weight to carry in your port­fo­lio...” To­day it is even ligh­ter, be­cau­se we are very well po­si­tio­ned in the di­gi­tal sce­na­rio, as a sign that we ha­ve ne­ver been wrong in our com­mit­ment to the art and cul­tu­re of our peo­ples.

Our ent­hu­sias­tic and ti­re­less friend Thi­mo Pi­men­tel, Premio Na­cio­nal de Ar­tes Plás­ti­cas (Na­tio­nal Award of Plas­tic Arts) in his be­lo­ved Quis­que­ya, reite­ra­tes that to us with lo­ve and an in­vi­ta­tion, next fif­teenth of De­cem­ber, to his Tra­yec­to Cul­tu­ral Fur­ti­vo Rally Es­te (Cul­tu­ral Poa­ching Rally.) He has not stop­ped for se­ven years when, as a ce­ra­mi­cist, doc­tor and re­sear­cher of abo­ri­gi­nal cul­tu­re (he had been one of the most en­ter­pri­sing mi­nis­ters of Tou­rism,) dis­tri­bu­ted so­me ori­gi­nal pie­ces, sig­ned by him, th­roug­hout the co­lo­nial city to see how the peo­ple reac­ted. Sin­ce then, mo­re than fi­ve hun­dred and fifty works of art ha­ve been pla­ced and found th­roug­hout the country, and anot­her th­ree do­zen in ot­her coun­tries. Now you ha­ve to de­cip­her writ­ten and encry­pted clues that are pla­ced on his social net­works, as well as mo­ve for­ward in teams by th­ree rou­tes that can be fo­llo­wed in Goo­gle Maps, whi­le a string of What­sapp ins­truc­tions are gi­ven (they say that the­re is still one hid­den near Fus­ter's head­quar­ters on the Cu­ban beach of Jai­ma­ni­tas.)

In all the pas­sion to pro­mo­te this cul­tu­ral rou­te, we find, whet­her in Ar­co­ma­drid (which so needs a real ins­ti­tu­tio­nal sha­ke), in the illus­tra­ti­ve growth of the sa­te­lli­te fairs of Art Ba­sel, in the friendly Me­xi­can tra­de fair Zo­na Ma­co, and in the pro­mi­sing and ri­go­rous 13th Bien­nial of Havana so­me ver­ses of the great Mark Twain that sum­mon us for the­se new ti­mes to co­me: «Set sails /Sail away from the sa­fe har­bor/catch fa­vo­ra­ble winds in your sails/ex­plo­re, dream, dis­co­ver."

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