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«I li­ke the art of ideas. That's whe­re my work be­gins: in an idea. Then the­re co­mes the is­sue of choo­sing the ma­te­rial, alt­hough so­me­ti­mes it is vi­ce ver­sa. The ma­te­rials them­sel­ves co­me with a load of ad­ded con­tent, li­ke the lead wi­res that use to hang ear­lier on the street and are now reused in my pie­ces.

»In the ni­ne­ties my work was orien­ted to­wards vul­ne­ra­ble neigh­bor­hoods. The­re I dis­co­ve­red with my stu­dents the world of saints and San­te­ria. I ha­ve a San La­za­ro which is a doc­tor li­ke my fat­her, alt­hough I do not co­me from a fa­mily of syn­cre­tic re­li­gions. I am going to ex­hi­bit the pic­tu­res of Deu­da for the first ti­me, be­cau­se they we­re the­re, spoi­ling.

»I cu­rrently ha­ve two stu­dios. The first one I built it my­self. It is part of a hou­se whe­re my daugh­ter was born and now it is li­ke the sto­re of the­se pie­ces. It is a good ha­ven. It has good energy. In this ex­po the­re are sta­ges of my li­fe that I al­ready “bur­ned” and when I saw the works I had to re­vi­sit them: so­me we­re pain­ful, but in the end the cu­ra­tors­hip, that I al­ways do my­self, has brought me joys ».

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