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BMW K1 was a kind of weird mo­torcy­cle and it was not easy to un­ders­tand it in aest­he­ti­cal terms be­cau­se of its de­sign and de­co­ra­tion, so it was cri­ti­ci­zed sin­ce day one. It fi­nally fai­led des­pi­te its ae­rody­na­mic coef­fi­cient, full body­work, powerful en­gi­ne and com­bi­na­tion of co­lors.

The in­va­sion of Ja­pa­ne­se motorcycles in Eu­ro­pe was gai­ning mo­men­tum in the 1970s and Ger­man BMW de­ci­ded to put out a mo­del and im­press its cus­to­mers. That was the birth of BMW’s K ge­ne­ra­tion in the early 1980s. It was un­doub­tedly meant to com­pe­te against Ja­pa­ne­se bi­kes. K1 was a strong bet to show its po­ten­tial, from the new pa­ra­le­ver to 16 val­ves in four cy­lin­der heads, in­clu­ding the full body­work. Fi­nally, BMW ma­de so­me 7,000 units of K1, which are pre­sently sought-af­ter mo­dels among co­llec­tors, as their ori­gi­na­lity did not go un­no­ti­ced.

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