First lo­cal trans­por­ta­tion in co­lo­nial Havana

Excelencias del Motor - - Habana 500 / Havana 500 -

When San Cris­to­bal de La Ha­ba­na vi­lla­ge was foun­ded around Carenas port, back in 1519, hor­se and cart was the only means of trans­por­ta­tion. The first ca­las­hes im­por­ted from En­gland we­re seen in Havana in the la­te 1700 and early 1800. Tho­se we­re the only vehi­cles in Havana at the ti­me. Tho­se ca­las­hes we­re joi­ned by two-whee­led open ca­rria­ges in1820. The­se we­re the first “ta­xis” in Havana, sin­ce they we­re usually ren­ted for trips. Pas­sen­gers used to pay two pe­sos to be dri­ven from Ce­rro to Havana and­vi­ce ver­sa. In 1836,tho­se 2-whee­led open ca­rria­ges we­re al­so ren­ted. As for 1840, such po­wer­ful fi­gu­res as the Ge­ne­ral Cap­tain and the Bis­hop we­re tra­ve­ling in cars. Ho­we­ver, the­re was a new pas­sen­ger trans­por­ta­tion vehi­cle co­ve­ring the Re­gla-Gua­na­ba­coa rou­te sin­ce 1839: the bus, which came to stay.



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