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Thanks to the ac­qui­si­tion of Ro­ma­nian ma­nu­fac­tu­rer Da­cia in 1999, Re­nault has con­que­red new mar­kets and gai­ned pro­fi­ta­bi­lity. Un­doub­tedly, low cost has be­co­me an un­der­pin­ning for the Re­nault Group. Wit­hout that foun­da­tion and the as­so­cia­tion with the Nis­san and Mit­su­bis­hi brands, they could de­fi­ni­tely not be among the world’s lea­ding au­to­ma­kers. You only ha­ve to check out the fi­gu­res. Lo­gan: 192 000 vehi­cles sold sin­ce the be­gin­ning of the year; San­de­ro: 320 000 units; Dus­ter: 240 000; Kwid: 110000. Over one mi­llion cars sold world­wi­de, al­most 40 % of the Re­nault Group’s to­tal sa­le sha­re in the first eight months of 2018. Wit­hout the­se low-cost cars, pro­fi­ta­bi­lity would not reach 6.4 % of the sa­les This low-cost know­how, re­na­med as “Glo­bal Ac­cess” sin­ce then, re­mai­ned a one-of-a-kind con­cept in the au­to­mo­ti­ve world. And on the heels of the­se early-going hits, Re­nault has been able to de­cli­ne it in a wi­de ran­ge of mo­dels.

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