Excelencias del Motor - - Ferrocarriles / Railroad -

A jour­ney that trig­gers adre­na­li­ne th­rough the Na­riz del Dia­blo path or vol­ca­noes on the An­des moun­tain ran­ge, in­clu­ding the hig­hest one, Chim­bo­ra­zo; from the moun­tain tas­te to the sea smell on the Pa­ci­fic coast, across an en­ti­re country. This is not only an am­bi­tion, but it is al­so an ex­pe­rien­ce to be li­ved on the Crui­se Train in Ecua­dor, which ta­kes four days and th­ree nights to go th­rough that na­tion, thus gi­ving tou­rists ex­pe­rien­ces with lo­cals and the splen­did na­tu­re. This red train com­bi­nes old steam-po­we­red lo­co­mo­ti­ves with up-to-da­te elec­tro-die­sel ma­chi­nes, which un­der­go an ins­pec­tion pro­cess in each stop. It is ma­de up of four first-class air­con­di­tio­ned cars, where cus­to­mi­zed ser­vi­ce is of­fe­red. 50 pas­sen­gers can tra­vel on the train. Each car’s de­co­ra­tion is dif­fe­rent from the rest, and they stand for sty­les in dif­fe­rent sta­ges of Ecua­dor’s his­tory: co­lo­nial, re­pu­bli­can. Mo­reo­ver, the train fea­tu­res bar, sto­re, pa­no­ra­mic halls and an out­door view­point-te­rra­ce.

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