McLa­ren 600LT


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This is the most ra­di­cal mem­ber of the en­ti­re Sport Se­ries fa­mily, fo­cu­sed on cir­cuits, with outs­tan­ding po­wer, light weight, ae­rody­na­mic fea­tu­res and per­for­man­ce. This is not a spe­cu­la­tion, but a reality sin­ce McLa­ren un­vei­led it wit­hin the fra­me­work of fa­mous 2018 Good­wood Fes­ti­val of Speed. It is ins­pi­red by McLa­rens 675LT and F1 GTR; no­net­he­less, it is 74 cm lon­ger if com­pa­red to the 570S Coupé mo­del. Mo­reo­ver, this is the fourth ge­ne­ra­tion of Wo­king’s su­per sports cars un­der the LT de­no­mi­na­tion. This sa­ga be­gan back in 1997 with the launch of McLa­ren F1 GTR Long­tail. McLa­ren 600LT took the design of the mo­no­co­que used on the 570S, but both the front split­ter and rear dif­fu­ser are lon­ger, ac­com­pa­nied by a fi­xed rear spoi­ler, all of which are ma­de of car­bon fi­ber with in­crea­sed ae­rody­na­mic im­pact, ef­fec­ti­ve abo­ve 250 km/h.

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