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IMPROVING THE QUA­LITY OF WORK, UP TO ACHIEVING EXQUISITENESS, IS THE GOAL OF COOPE­RA­TI­VA DE SER­VI­CIOS AU­TO­MO­TRI­CES (AU­TO­MO­TI­VE SER­VI­CE COOPERATIVE). IF WE ASK ABOUT THE ESSENCE OF COOPE­RA­TI­VA DE SER­VI­CIOS AU­TO­MO­TRI­CES (CSA IS THE SPA­NISH ACRONYM), THEY DO NOT MENTION A SPECIFIC SER­VI­CE, DIF­FE­RENT HOURS OR PRIVILEGED LOCATION. IT IS ALL ABOUT THEIR STAFF: THE WOR­KERS MAKE A DIFFERENCE. In li­ne with that im­pro­ve­ment pers­pec­ti­ve, Va­lo­dia an­noun­ces the up­co­ming ex­ten­sion of CSA to a se­cond pro­perty, de­vo­ted to me­cha­nics, and the pre­sent spa­ce (lo­ca­ted on 1st Street, 6th and 8th, Mi­ra­mar, Pla­ya) will be hou­sing body work, up­hols­tery and pain­ting pro­ces­ses. “This is how we are going to of­fer a full ser­vi­ce, which is our so­cial ob­jec­ti­ve. We could not do it be­fo­re be­cau­se of phy­si­cal mat­ters, but our cus­to­mers we­re as­king for it,” he says. This team is mainly ma­de up of youngs­ters, with great in­ter­est in their work, and they pre­sently ha­ve 625 users and 20 as­so­cia­tes. They are the dri­ving for­ce behind CSA.

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