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Pa­ra lle­var to­da la po­ten­cia y par mo­tor al as­fal­to, trae de se­rie llan­tas de 19 pul­ga­das de diá­me­tro y op­cio­na­les de 20, las que mon­tan unos neu­má­ti­cos Pi­re­lli de­di­ca­dos a la oca­sión. Se­gún Au­di, el R8 Cou­pé pue­de ge­ne­rar ace­le­ra­cio­nes la­te­ra­les de has­ta 1.5 G. Otro da­to in­tere­san­te, com­par­te el 50 % de las pie­zas con el Au­di R8 LMS GT3 y has­ta un 60 % con el R8 LMS GT4, dos co­ches de com­pe­ti­ción. AU­DI R8 COUPE IS BROUGHT UP TO DA­TE, IN LI­NE WITH ITS YOUNGER CONVERTIBLE R8 SPY­DER. THIS IS THE FIRST UPGRADE SIN­CE THE LAUNCH OF THE HARDTOP VERSION BACK IN 2015 AND CA­BRIO­LET A YEAR LATER. IT WILL BE MAR­KE­TED IN THE EARLY 2019. The four-ring com­pany did not put asi­de its na­tu­rally as­pi­ra­ted V10 ga­so­li­ne en­gi­ne, 5.2 L. Ho­we­ver, the new mo­del features a par­ti­cle filter and it is mo­re powerful. The slo­wer version de­li­vers 570 CV, whi­le R8 V10 Per­for­man­ce quat­tro pro­du­ces 620 CV. Both mo­dels, R8 Coupe and R8 Spy­der, are all-wheel dri­ve and that is the reason why they are un­der the quat­tro de­no­mi­na­tion. As for parts, 50 % is si­mi­lar to Au­di R8 LMS GT3’s and 60 % of R8 LMS GT4’s, which are ra­cing cars.

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