Excelencias Turísticas del caribe y las Américas - - Gastronomia / Cuisine -

In­gre­dients: » Lean pork meat: 1 kg

» Big ripe plan­tains: 2

» Fresh and ten­der okra: 800 g » Gar­lic: 8 or 10 clo­ves

» Big onion: 1

» Salt

» Ground pep­per

» The jui­ce of two le­mons

Pre­pa­ra­tion: Cut off the okra in cross­wi­se sli­ces, rin­se them in wa­ter and add the le­mon jui­ce. If ne­ces­sary and in or­der to re­mo­ve the okra’s slimy mu­ci­la­ge, boil in clean wa­ter with the le­mon jui­ce or simply pour a little bit of whi­te vi­ne­gar. Rin­se again, sha­ke them dry and put asi­de. Cut the un­pee­led plan­tains in pie­ces and cook them in boi­ling wa­ter un­til they sof­ten. Get them out of the wa­ter and peel them, then mash them and roll them in­to small balls (con­si­der sprin­kling so­me flour on your hands to ma­ke the plantain balls) and then fry them in boi­ling oil. Sau­té the onion sli­ces and the thinly­cu­bed gar­lic (you should first sau­té the onion and let it cook till it gets slightly pur­plish, then add the gar­lic). Then add the pork meat sli­ced in mid­si­ze cu­bes and sau­téed in salt and pep­per un­til it gets ten­der. Mix it all (the okra and the plantain balls). You can add a ta­bles­poon of to­ma­to pas­te and sprin­kle so­me dry wi­ne in it. Add a pinch of salt.

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