Golf & Ma­ri­na: No Lon­ger a Dream


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The ball gets lost for a mo­ment in­to the red­dish set­ting sun that sinks in the balmy wa­ters of the Gulf of Me­xi­co that wait to lull it down. “I swung the club wrong. I got un­lucky to­day”, the gol­fer grum­bles.

He looks up skep­ti­cally. The ball doesn't show up. He squee­zes the club moo­dily. A couple of dolp­hins jump over the wa­ter to an­noy the par­si­mo­nious log­ger­head turtles that unas­sai­lably con­ti­nue their an­ces­tral path to the sout­hern bea­ches of the Gua­naha­ca­bi­bes pe­nin­su­la. They are going to spawn.

A flock of par­trid­ge pi­geons –an en­dan­ge­red spe­cies en­de­mic to Cu­ba - snaps him out of his self-ab­sor­ption ... “The last straw now would be that they poop me.” A few se­conds pass by and the ball even­tually ap­pears. “Yes, co­me on, fall, fall, yes.” The ho­le is in the sea and the wa­ter swa­llows the sp­he­ri­cal ob­ject. “The­re's not­hing li­ke a good golf cour­se,” the man beams.

The anec­do­te has not hap­pe­ned yet. But don't ru­le it out. The Pun­ta Co­lo­ra­da Golf & Ma­ri­na me­ga­pro­ject (a joint ven­tu­re bet­ween La Pla­ya Golf & Re­sorts In­ter­na­tio­nal Pa­na­ma S.A. and Cu­ba­golf S.A.) is ba­rely be­gin­ning, yet it pro­mi­ses to be­co­me one of the most lu­ring golf-re­la­ted real-estate com­pounds in the Ca­rib­bean and La­tin Ame­ri­ca.

Clo­se to Ca­pe San Antonio, Cu­ba's wes­tern­most tip, Pla­ya Co­lo­ra­da is nestled in the Gulf of Gua­dia­na, in the mu­ni­ci­pa­lity of San­dino, Pi­nar del Río. This will be the set­ting of a co­los­sal pro­ject which will co­ver so­me 3,700 hec­ta­res when the in­vest­ment is com­ple­ted, plan­ned for a pe­riod of 25 years.

The first sta­ge, sche­du­led to be ful­fi­lled in se­ven years, will ta­ke 700 hec­ta­res. It will ha­ve 1,250 rooms grou­ped in th­ree ho­tels; over 1,700 hou­ses do­led out among vi­llas, apart­ments and bun­ga­lows; a 300-slip ma­ri­na; se­ve­ral golf cour­ses, in­clu­ding one that will ha­ve a

El me­ga­pro­yec­to Pun­ta Co­lo­ra­da Golf & Ma­ri­na pro­me­te con­ver­tir­se en uno de los com­ple­jos in­mo­bi­lia­rios aso­cia­dos

al golf más atrac­ti­vos del Ca­ri­be y Amé­ri­ca La­ti­na The Pun­ta Co­lo­ra­da Golf & Ma­ri­na me­ga­pro­ject pro­mi­ses to be­co­me one of the most lu­ring golf-re­la­ted real-estate com­pounds in the Ca­rib­bean and La­tin Ame­ri­ca.

ho­le in the sea –un­seen in the who­le wi­de world - and a high­per­for­man­ce sports cen­ter whe­re foot­ball, ten­nis, ba­se­ball and sai­ling ath­le­tes could train.

But the op­por­tu­nity to en­joy the charms of a qua­si-pris­ti­ne lands­ca­pe, that will de­fi­ni­tely be pre­ser­ved and sus­tai­na­ble, ac­cor­ding to the con­cept that its en­vi­ron­ment-friendly cons­truc­tion and ex­ploi­ta­tion, won't ta­ke that long. Last Sep­tem­ber, for exam­ple, the Friends of Pun­ta Co­lo­ra­da Club was laun­ched, a vir­tual spa­ce on the com­pany's of­fi­cial web­si­te which allows ac­cess to pre­fe­ren­tial treat­ment.

The com­pany's sche­du­le al­so pro­vi­ded for the pre-sa­les sta­ge to com­men­ce in the se­cond half of Oc­to­ber th­rough real-estate ope­ra­tors, as well as the grand opening of a that­chroo­fed lo­ca­le on the pre­mi­ses of the pro­ject's sai­ling com­pound, as a re­cep­tion and de­mons­tra­tion cen­ter for vi­si­tors and guests.

In May 2019, the si­te will be un­vei­led as a new tra­vel des­ti­na­tion wit­hin the fra­me­work of the FitCu­ba Tourism Fair in Ha­va­na, whi­le the De­mons­tra­tion Cen­ter will be inau­gu­ra­ted and laun­ched in the sai­ling area. For its part, the Mi­ni­mum Vir­tual Pro­duct (PMV is the acronym in Spa­nish) will be fully and glo­bally ope­ra­tion by De­cem­ber 2019.

Pun­ta Co­lo­ra­da is one of the 13 real-estate pro­jects that are cu­rrently un­der­way or being ne­go­tia­ted on the is­land na­tion. Ac­cor­ding to the Cu­ban go­vern­ment's plans, the lar­gest Ca­rib­bean is­land must ha­ve as many as 27 golf cour­ses in co­ming


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