At­hens of Cu­ba, city of ca­ci­ques and con­quis­ta­do­res, pi­ra­tes and is­lan­ders, poets and sin­gers, ri­vers and lands­ca­pes. pic­tu­res­que and his­to­ri­cal at the sa­me ti­me, ki­llings, the Ve­ni­ce of La­tin Ame­ri­ca

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Pos­ses­sing a cul­tu­ral he­ri­ta­ge that ma­kes the na­tion proud and po­pu­larly iden­ti­fies it as the At­hens of Cu­ba, the city of Ma­tan­zas is ex­pe­rien­cing re­ne­wal on the eve of its 325th an­ni­ver­sary. On Oc­to­ber 12, 2018, the city will dress up to wel­co­me all tho­se who wish to fall in lo­ve with one of the most beau­ti­ful ci­ties on the is­land and ce­le­bra­te their na­me day bet­ween ri­vers and brid­ges.

Foun­ded on Oc­to­ber 12, 1693 with the na­me of San Car­los and San Se­ve­rino de Ma­tan­zas. The Spa­niards ca­lled it the Ve­ni­ce of Ame­ri­ca for its ri­vers, walk­ways and ca­nals. It is cros­sed by th­ree mighty ri­vers: The Ca­ní­mar, Yu­mu­rí and San Juan, and its nu­me­rous tri­bu­ta­ries, for this reason it is al­so ca­lled The City of the Brid­ges.

Its cul­tu­ral and li­te­rary de­ve­lop­ment be­gan in 1813, the year in which the Gol­den Age of Ma­tan­zas be­gan. Tho­se we­re the ti­mes when Jo­sé Ma­ría He­re­dia ma­de ver­ses and thea­tri­cal est­he

says. His mu­si­cal tra­di­tion has been well known wit­hin Cu­ban cul­tu­re. It was he­re that on Ja­nuary 1, 1879, the Dan­zón Las Al­tu­ras de Sim­pson was per­for­med for the first ti­me, by the aut­hors­hip of the Mi­guel Faíl­de from Ma­tan­zas, recognized as the Na­tio­nal Dan­ce of Cu­ba.

Crad­le of our poet and enamo­red wo­man with blue eyes and beau­ti­ful ver­se, Ca­ril­da Oli­ver La­bra, saw her go to the im­mor­ta­lity of the me­mory of her land this year, on the eve of her an­ni­ver­sary. With joy and so­rrow in the soul, Ma­tan­zas, The At­hens of Cu­ba, dis­mis­ses his girl­friend with a ver­se of his own, Ma­tan­zas, Cu­ban and universal.

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