Guía de Excelencias Cuba - - Summary -


Vi­si­tors must ha­ve a pass­port or a tra­vel do­cu­ment is­sued to his na­me and a tou­rist vi­sa or card.

Tou­rist cards may be ap­plied for at Cu­ba´s con­su­lar of­fi­ces abroad. Coun­tries with which Cu­ba has free vi­sa agree­ments are exem­pted.

If you need to ex­tend your stay in the country or chan­ge your tou­rism mo­de sta­tus, you should re­quest in­for­ma­tion at your ho­tel's tou­rism desk or at the nea­rest tou­rist of­fi­ces.

Mo­re in­for­ma­tion at http://www.adua­na.co.cu/


Ge­ne­ral Cus­toms Re­gu­la­tions of the Re­pu­blic of Cu­ba prohi­bit the entry of: Por­no­graphy, Nar­co­tics, Nar­co­tic drugs, Li­ve ani­mals Fi­rearms (the­se may be aut­ho­ri­zed, if it is a hun­ting wea­pon, by the en­tity that deals with this ty­pe of tou­rism) The­re is no li­mit to the amount of mo­ney in freely con­ver­ti­ble cu­rrency that you can en­ter.

The im­por­ta­tion of freely con­ver­ti­ble cu­rrency by na­tu­ral per­sons is free. Na­tu­ral per­sons who, when en­te­ri­ng the na­tio­nal te­rri­tory, carry an amount of mo­re than USD $ 5,000 or its equi­va­lent, are bound to de­cla­re

it be­fo­re the of­fi­cials of the Re­pu­blic´s Ge­ne­ral Cus­toms.

The ex­port of all or part of a pro­perty con­si­de­red Cul­tu­ral He­ri­ta­ge or of mu­seum va­lue, wit­hout re­le­vant aut­ho­ri­za­tion, is not aut­ho­ri­zed.

Crafts do not re­qui­re do­cu­men­ta­tion for ex­port.

Up to 10 kg of me­di­ci­nes can be im­por­ted in­si­de their ori­gi­nal con­tai­ners. Cus­tom du­ties will not be paid for them pro­vi­ded they are brought in a se­pa­ra­te bag.

For the ex­port of to­bac­co (mo­re than 50 ci­gars), the vi­si­tor must show the in­voi­ce is­sued by Ha­ba­nos S.A.

Cus­toms es­ta­blish a li­mit to de­ter­mi­ne the com­mer­cial na­tu­re of im­ports and is aut­ho­ri­zed to con­fis­ca­te quan­ti­ties that ex­ceed the es­ta­blis­hed li­mit.

Mo­re in­for­ma­tion at http://www.adua­na.co.cu/


The­re are health res­tric­tions for tra­ve­lers from coun­tries whe­re ye­llow fe­ver and cho­le­ra are en­de­mic or that ha­ve been de­cla­red as areas of in­fec­tion by the World Health Or­ga­ni­za­tion, in which ca­se the In­ter­na­tio­nal Im­mu­ni­za­tion Cer­ti­fi­ca­te is re­qui­red.

Sin­ce March 1, 2016, the Cu­ban Mi­nistry of Pu­blic Health has es­ta­blis­hed:

Strengt­hen the mea­su­res of In­ter­na­tio­nal Sa­ni­tary Con­trol and epi­de­miolo­gi­cal sur­vei­llan­ce. • Ma­ke the De­cla­ra­tion of Health at points of entry for peo­ple from coun­tries re­por­ting Zi­ka, Den­gue, Chi­kun­gun­ya and Ye­llow Fe­ver. Per­sons who arri­ve with fe­ver will be re­fe­rred for sur­vei­llan­ce, study and treat­ment. • The entry of pro­ducts of ani­mal or ve­ge­ta­ble ori­gin is res­tric­ted. Entry of pets re­qui­res spe­cial pro­ce­du­res.

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