Guía de Excelencias Cuba - - Summary -

Cu­ba has an im­por­tant trans­por­ta­tion network for tou­rism that pro­vi­des dif­fe­rent ser­vi­ces; from trans­por­ta­tion on bu­ses, mi­ni­bu­ses, cars and mo­torcy­cles, to tours or­ga­ni­zed on dif­fe­rent rou­tes at the tou­ris­tic po­les in pa­no­ra­mic bu­ses and ur­ban “tren­ci­tos”.

Ta­xi and car ren­tal ser­vi­ces are avai­la­ble in ma­jor ci­ties and tou­rist cen­ters. Cars may be ren­ted and re­tur­ned at ho­tels, agen­cies and air­ports across the country.


DISTANCES BET­WEEN CU­BAN PRO­VIN­CES The­re are al­so pri­va­te ta­xis in the main tou­rist areas.

Tou­rists need a dri­ver's li­cen­se and a pass­port to rent a car.

For trips wit­hin the Is­land, Viazul bu­ses ha­ve a lar­ge num­ber of des­ti­na­tions and of­fers that can be ac­ces­sed from all pro­vin­ces of the country.

Ot­her com­pa­nies such as Ta­xis Cu­ba, Ha­va­nau­tos, Rex, Cu­ba­car, Trans­tur and Ga­vio­ta of­fer car ren­tal ser­vi­ces. For mo­re in­for­ma­tion on car ren­tal, plea­se con­tact the nea­rest in­for­ma­tion desk.

For mo­re in­for­ma­tion, con­sult in Ye­llow Pa­ges: Es­ta­cio­nes de Viazul (Viazul bus sta­tions),


Ha­va­na has a spe­cial tou­rist bus ser­vi­ce, Bus­tur, which runs on th­ree fun­da­men­tal rou­tes with mo­re than fifty stops around the who­le city:

T-1 From the city´s His­to­ric Cen­ter to the Pla­za de la Re­vo­lu­ción.

T-2 From He­ming­way Ma­ri­na to Pla­za de la Re­vo­lu­ción.

T-3 From Ha­va­na´s His­to­ric Cen­ter to the Eastern Bea­ches.

Bustour, al­so reaches so­me of the main tou­rist des­ti­na­tions of the Is­land.

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