Ha­va­na 500

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As part of the res­to­red works in gree­ting to the 500th an­ni­ver­sary of Ha­va­na, for a few months the Of­fi­ce of the City His­to­rian reope­ned the Ob­ser­va­tory Mu­seum of the Con­ven­to of Be­lén. In the spec­ta­tor you will find in­for­ma­tion about the his­to­ri­cal evo­lu­tion of me­teo­ro­logy and cli­ma­to­logy in Cu­ba, and, in par­ti­cu­lar, the me­teo­ro­lo­gi­cal, geo­mag­ne­tic and as­tro­no­mi­cal ob­ser­va­tory that wor­ked in this pla­ce for 67 years.

In 1854, the go­vern­ment of the Is­land han­ded over a part of the Con­vent of Beth­lehem to the So­ciety of Je­sus to es­ta­blish a se­con­dary school. In 1896 a third le­vel was ad­ded to the buil­ding on the south wing of the main faça­de, des­ti­ned for the Ob­ser­va­tory li­brary and a room for weat­her fo­re­casts and cli­ma­to­lo­gi­cal works. With the ex­ten­sion anot­her floor was ad­ded, des­ti­ned to the me­teo­ro­lo­gi­cal to­wer and to the mea­su­ring ins­tru­ments.

In the twen­tieth cen­tury the last trans­for­ma­tions we­re ma­de in the Con­vent. Bet­ween 1904 and 1910 the third le­vel was

com­ple­ted in the north wing of the faça­de, and the as­tro­no­mi­cal to­wer was erec­ted, in which to­day is the Ob­ser­va­tory Mu­seum. In 1925, the Co­le­gio de Be­lén mo­ved to its new fa­ci­li­ties in the area of Bue­na­vis­ta, in Ma­ria­nao.

At the end of the ni­ne­ties of last cen­tury, the OHCH be­gan the res­to­ra­tion and reha­bi­li­ta­tion of the buil­ding, which to­day oc­cu­pies one of the lar­gest blocks in the His­to­ric Cen­ter of the Cu­ban ca­pi­tal.

With the Ob­ser­va­tory Mu­seum, ins­ta­lled in the old Con­vent of Beth­lehem, the me­mory of tho­se who from edu­ca­tion, me­di­ci­ne, me­teo­ro­logy and ot­her dis­ci­pli­nes, ope­ned trails of glory in the field of scien­ce in Cu­ba will be per­pe­tua­ted.

The ins­ta­lla­tion oc­cu­pies the north­west to­wer of the buil­ding, with fi­ve le­vels, th­ree ex­hi­bi­tion rooms, mul­ti­pur­po­se room, me­teo­ro­lo­gi­cal sta­tion and as­tro­no­mi­cal ob­ser­va­tory. It is equip­ped with means for vi­sua­li­za­tion and di­gi­tal link, and a te­rra­ce-view­point 24 me­ters abo­ve sea le­vel, which pro­vi­des a pa­no­ra­mic view of the ol­dest en­vi­ron­ment of the Cu­ban ca­pi­tal.

As a round trip to the past, the pu­blic can learn about the history of the ins­ta­lla­tion th­rough images, texts and ob­jects re­la­ted to the work of the Con­vent of Beth­lehem, from its ori­gins to its trans­fer to Ma­ria­nao; of me­teo­ro­logy in Cu­ba, eigh­teenth, ni­ne­teenth and twen­tieth cen­tu­ries; your most im­por­tant ins­ti­tu­tions and per­so­na­li­ties; the first hu­rri­ca­ne do­cu­men­ted in Ha­va­na, on De­cem­ber 31, 1557; the clas­si­fi­ca­tion of tro­pi­cal cy­clo­nes, as well as the chro­no­logy in the four sta­ges of the history of the Na­tio­nal Me­teo­ro­lo­gi­cal Ser­vi­ce of Cu­ba and its main events.

The vi­si­tor will al­so be in­for­med about the most in­ten­se me­teors that ha­ve left their mark in the history of the na­tion, or that ha­ve cau­sed great hu­man and ma­te­rial da­ma­ge, and will ad­mi­re a sam­ple of me­teo­ro­lo­gi­cal and as­tro­no­mi­cal ins­tru­ments, at the sa­me ti­me that it will be able to use so­me from them. Al­so, ar­chaeo­lo­gi­cal pie­ces dis­co­ve­red in ex­ca­va­tions in the areas of the church and the con­vent will be ex­hi­bi­ted.

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