La Ha­ba­na

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It was ori­gi­nally a vi­lla foun­ded in 1514 by Don Die­go Ve­láz­quez un­der the na­me of San Cris­to­bal de La Ha­ba­na in a low­land and un­healthy pla­ce on the southern coast, which for­ced its trans­fer th­rough dif­fe­rent te­rri­to­ries un­til 1519 when it was settled in the vi­ci­nity of Puer­to de Ca­re­nas.

Due to its eco­no­mic and stra­te­gic geo­grap­hi­cal lo­ca­tion as a fleet gat­he­ring port, from the 16th cen­tury un­til the 19th cen­tury, Spain de­ve­lo­ped he­re the most com­plex and po­wer­ful de­fen­si­ve sys­tem in Ame­ri­ca, tur­ning it in­to a wa­lled city.

As the cul­tu­ral ca­pi­tal of the country, Ha­va­na, shows a di­ver­se and at­trac­ti­ve ran­ge of ar­tis­tic ma­ni­fes­ta­tions that va­li­da­te its se­lec­tion in 2016 as Won­der City.

Ca­pi­tal: La Ha­ba­na, Ca­pi­tal of Cu­ba Ex­ten­sion: 721, 01 sq. km Mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ties: Arro­yo Naranjo, Bo­ye­ros, Cen­tro Ha­ba­na, Ce­rro, Cotorro, Diez de Oc­tu­bre, Guanabacoa, Ha­ba­na del Es­te, Ha­ba­na Vie­ja, La Li­sa, Ma­ria­nao, Pla­ya, Pla­za de la Re­vo­lu­ción, Re­gla and San Mi­guel del Pa­drón Demonym: ha­ba­ne­ro/a Li­mits: It li­mits to the north with the Flo­ri­da Straits, to the east with the pro­vin­ce of Ma­ya­be­que, to the south with the pro­vin­ces of Ma­ya­be­que and Ar­te­mi­sa, and to the west with the pro­vin­ce of Ar­te­mi­sa. Ac­cess: Mainly by air. It has th­ree air ter­mi­nals for in­ter­na­tio­nal ser­vi­ces and one na­tio­nal. It al­so has mul­ti­ple ac­ces­ses by sea such as the He­ming­way and Ta­ra­rá Ma­ri­nas, as well as the Crui­se Ter­mi­nal on the Bay of Ha­va­na. Ha­va­na con­nects with the rest of the pro­vin­ces by the Na­tio­nal High­way, the Cen­tral Road, the Via Blan­ca and the na­tio­nal rail­road network.


De­cla­red by UNES­CO as World He­ri­ta­ge Si­te in 1982, its res­to­ra­tion and con­ser­va­tion has been the main en­dea­vor of the City´s His­to­rian Of­fi­ce. Sin­ce its in­cep­tion, Ha­va­na has fo­cu­sed its main axes of so­cial, cul­tu­ral, re­li­gious and mi­li­tary li­fe around fi­ve squa­res that ma­ke up the main tou­rist and cul­tu­ral at­trac­tions of the His­to­ric Cen­ter.

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