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The for­mer San­ta Ma­ría del Puer­to del Prín­ci­pe was foun­ded on Fe­bruary 2, 1514 in an area of the nort­hern coast near Nue­vi­tas, and la­ter in 1528 it was re­lo­ca­ted in its cu­rrent si­te. It has one of the best pre­ser­ved His­to­ri­cal Cen­ters of Cu­ba, the reason why in 2008 it was de­cla­red by UNES­CO a World He­ri­ta­ge Si­te. Cha­rac­te­ri­zed by a com­plex la­yout of streets and a wi­de sys­tem of squa­res and nu­me­rous an­cient chur­ches, it has a great his­to­ri­cal-cul­tu­ral tra­di­tion as the birth­pla­ce of pro­mi­nent in­te­llec­tuals and pa­triots.

Ca­pi­tal: Ca­ma­güey Ex­ten­sion: 15 615 sq. km Mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ties: Ca­ma­güey, Es­me­ral­da, Nue­vi­tas, Guái­ma­ro, San­ta Cruz del Sur, Flo­ri­da, Sierra de Cu­bi­tas, Mi­nas, Si­ba­ni­cú, Na­ja­sa, Ver­tien­tes, Ji­ma­gua­yú and Car­los Ma­nuel de Cés­pe­des. De­nonym: ca­ma­güe­yano/a Li­mits: it li­mits to the north with the Old Channel of Baha­mas, to the east with the pro­vin­ce of Las Tu­nas, to the south with the Ca­rib­bean Sea, and to the west with the pro­vin­ce of Cie­go de Ávi­la. Ac­cess: by air it can be ac­ces­sed th­rough the “Ig­na­cio Agra­mon­te” In­ter­na­tio­nal Air­port, whi­le by land the ac­cess is th­rough the na­tio­nal road network. The­re is an ae­ro­dro­me in ope­ra­tion in San­ta Lu­cía ca­pa­ble of hand­ling me­dium and small air­craft.


Sal­va­dor Cis­ne­ros Be­tan­court, In­de­pen­den­cia, Mar­tí and Lua­ces streets

It is an at­trac­ti­ve squa­re that has in its cen­ter the Mo­nu­men­to al Ma­yor Ge­ne­ral Ig­na­cio Agra­mon­te, a rea­lis­tic bron­ze li­fe-si­ze sta­tue that re­pre­sents the he­ro of the in­de­pen­den­ce of Cu­ba on hor­se­back and ma­che­te in hand.


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Lo­ca­ted on the southern si­de of the pla­za, it was built in 1864 over the re­mains of its pre­de­ces­sor that had been built in 1530. In 1688, the pi­ra­te Henry Mor­gan loc­ked up the no­bi­lity of the city in the church and on­ce they re­vea­led the hi­ding pla­ce of their ri­ches he des­tro­yed it.

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