Terms used in Cuba that you must know and that are not in any dic­tio­nary

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Cars that cir­cu­late, al­most al­ways Amer­i­can car makes from be­fore 1960. They are called thus be­cause of their shape that re­sem­bles an al­mond.


Non-state ac­tiv­ity of us­ing a pri­vate car as taxis. In Cuba they usu­ally fol­low pro­grammed routes.


The driver of a pri­vate car used as a taxi.


The start of the route where the taxis are con­cen­trated.


The per­son who or­ga­nizes the pi­quera, fills the cars with pas­sen­gers ac­cord­ing to the or­der of ar­rival, eas­ily rec­og­niz­able be­cause they shout out the cor­re­spond­ing routes.

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