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Ien­joy noth­ing bet­ter than show­ing my home. About Cuba I know a great many nooks and cran­nies, I’ve toured it from one end to the other, few cor­ners still have not re­sisted me. I can’t say I have a fa­vorite place in Cuba. I’m moved by Cuba’s coun­try­side, the healthy in­ge­nu­ity of its peo­ple; I’m im­pressed with its colo­nial cities, full of im­pec­ca­ble har­mony or dishar­mony; I adore the Cuban beaches, when I dive in them it’s like be­ing at home. But when I close my eyes and think of Cuba there’s no un­in­hab­ited land­scape, the peo­ple are al­ways there.

That’s why I tell my friends: if you want to be alone, take in the sun, en­joy the sum­mer, or iso­late your­self in the tran­quil­ity of a very beau­ti­ful beach; don’t go to Cuba. We have all that, but it’s a waste to go to Cuba and not grasp its cul­ture, or get ac­quainted with its peo­ple.

Cuba can­not be un­der­stood and I stopped try­ing to un­der­stand the Cubans, but it’s not nec­es­sary. You can go to Cuba and feel alive, en­joy and suf­fer; ques­tion your­self, sur­prise your­self. You can like it more or less, but you’re not leav­ing Cuba feel­ing in­dif­fer­ent, moved, a mark that you’ll have for­ever.

This mag­a­zine is the in­vi­ta­tion I am mak­ing to my friends to visit my home. I will try to show you all of it. I like its lights and am not afraid of its shad­ows, I just want you to hon­estly get close to it, that you let go of all the masks you can and fully en­joy, suf­fer and live it.

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