‘Wild West’ Bri­tain

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THE UK me­dia have taken to de­scrib­ing mod­ern Bri­tain as be­ing akin to Amer­ica’s “Wild West”. Alarmist? Maybe, but it is a term that will ring true if you live in Lon­don or many other of Bri­tain’s cities and large towns.

The mur­der rate in Lon­don alone out­stripped New York’s for the first time this year. Knife crime gen­er­ally and the re­sul­tant deaths of of­ten young peo­ple, in full pub­lic gaze, is be­com­ing all too fre­quent for com­fort. The mur­der­ous per­pe­tra­tors of such vi­o­lence ap­pear to have no fear of be­ing caught, or in­deed be­ing pun­ished if they are. Gun crime is also up. It feels like the UK’s streets are out of con­trol. Peo­ple live in fear, the crim­i­nals do not. Po­lit­i­cal cor­rect­ness dic­tates that whole ar­eas of Bri­tain’s cities have ef­fec­tively be­come po­lice “nogo ar­eas”.

Bur­glar­ies go un­de­tected and un­solved. The po­lice have re­treated be­hind their com­put­ers and aban­doned the streets. Mur­der­ers get “life sen­tences” which turn out to be noth­ing of the sort. They are re­leased “early”, be­ing judged by “ex­perts” as “re­ha­bil­i­tated” or “re­formed”, and are set free (if only their vic­tims could be).

Bri­tain’s pris­ons are re­port­edly “out of con­trol” with drugs be­ing freely flown in by “drones” and prison of­fi­cers reg­u­larly at­tacked. Nei­ther the po­lice nor Bri­tain’s so-called “crim­i­nal jus­tice sys­tem” pro­vide any de­ter­rent to real crime what­so­ever. Bri­tain might have abol­ished cap­i­tal pun­ish­ment in 1965 but it still has a “death penalty” — in­creas­ingly suf­fered by the in­no­cent, not the guilty.

Proven gang rape has gone on for years un­de­tected. Why? So the com­mu­nity that most of its per­pe­tra­tors came from “is not of­fended”. No­body dare say that such of­fend­ers are of­ten ex­treme Mus­lims. Why not, for God’s sake, es­pe­cially when it proves to be true? How can you deal with a prob­lem if you dare not iden­tify it? What about the law-abid­ing, in­clud­ing the ma­jor­ity of Mus­lims, who have to live with such an­ar­chy daily?

UK law “en­force­ment” is noth­ing of the kind. It is a sick joke, made worse by politi­cians with­out the guts to tackle law­less­ness or recog­nise its causes. When the so-called po­lit­i­cal main­stream aban­dons the law-abid­ing, it cre­ates a vac­uum of fear that the ex­tremes of pol­i­tics are only too happy to fill. Talk about the road to hell be­ing paved with good in­ten­tions.

Bri­tain needs to make “life sen­tences” mean “life”. Its courts and pris­ons need to down­grade “re­ha­bil­i­ta­tion” and rel­a­tively up­grade “pun­ish­ment”. The po­lice need to get back on the streets, get rid of the “high-vis­i­bil­ity” jack­ets (every­body wears one) and make the uni­form re­spected again. Down­grade “hu­man rights” that pro­vide the law­less with a mul­ti­tude of rea­sons why they should not be pun­ished and up­grade “civil rights” so the law abid­ing are pro­tected once again. Let’s make the crim­i­nals fear­ful, not Joe Pub­lic. That would make a novel change, wouldn’t it? If any­thing needs “re­ha­bil­i­tat­ing” it’s “de­ter­rence”.

Which brings us to a touchy sub­ject: cap­i­tal pun­ish­ment. Tory MP John Hayes has called on the UK gov­ern­ment to “re­con­sider” the op­tion. He wants them to merely ad­dress the bal­ance of its mer­its and de­mer­its, that’s all. He won­ders if the op­tion of the death penalty should be avail­able to the courts; he doesn’t want to make it manda­tory. He’s al­ready been slapped down. A UK gov­ern­ment spokesman replied that “in­no­cent peo­ple may die”. Who the hell do the gov­ern­ment think is do­ing the dy­ing, right now, on Bri­tain’s streets? The guilty?

I read­ily ad­mit, that some in­no­cents have been un­justly hanged in the past. That’s true, but the num­bers who have mur­dered since abo­li­tion and mur­dered again af­ter re­lease, far out­weigh the for­mer. The an­swer to whether cap­i­tal pun­ish­ment would work as a de­ter­rent lies in the bal­ance of whether it would SAVE the lives of more in­no­cents than our present ap­proach. That is open to ques­tion, but why, given the present level of un­pun­ished vi­o­lence, shouldn’t Bri­tain at least con­sider it? It’s be­yond me.

Some will ar­gue that no civilised so­ci­ety should con­tem­plate ju­di­cial mur­der. Fine, but what is “civilised” about a so­ci­ety where peo­ple think they can stab some­body to death in full pub­lic view and get away with it? The an­swer: noth­ing.

A civilised so­ci­ety is one where wrong­do­ing is pun­ished, whilst the law-abid­ing go about their busi­ness free from fear. Wild West Bri­tain? I’m afraid it is.

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