‘Mar­mite’ pres­i­dent is a bit of fresh air

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I READ with in­ter­est the ar­ti­cle writ­ten by “the Colonel” (John Hughes-Wil­son, Cyprus To­day, De­cem­ber 1) and won­der why no-one ap­pears to re­late “the im­mi­gra­tion prob­lem” we have in Europe with what Don­ald Trump is deal­ing with in Amer­ica, and the crit­i­cism he comes in for.

I am prob­a­bly one of the few peo­ple in the world who think Trump a bit of a breath of fresh air. He is ob­vi­ously not a time-served politi­cian, uses un­con­ven­tional meth­ods (and words) for com­mu­ni­ca­tion but there is some­thing about this “Mar­mite” pres­i­dent that ap­peals to me (and ob­vi­ously a few of his coun­try­men). He has not only re­alised the trade deficit with China and the rest of the world (prob­a­bly $2-plus tril­lion a year), as well as tech­nol­ogy “leakage”, is not sus­tain­able, and used un­con­ven­tional ways to bring it to a head, like he did with North Korea. He is an­noy­ing the po­lit­i­cal and lib­eral “elites” with his wall and his deal­ings with im­mi­grants!

He has been ridiculed for send­ing thou­sands of troops, fully armed, to the bor­der with Mex­ico just to deal with just a few thou­sand in a “car­a­van” de­ter­mined to en­ter the US. They are por­trayed by the me­dia as women and chil­dren (and oth­ers) flee­ing lives of un­doubted hard­ship in coun­tries of South Amer­ica. Trump is por­trayed as a heart­less and un­car­ing, al­most in­hu­man tyrant.

I think Trump is smarter than this. His troops, walls, threats of live fire if at­tacked are a de­ter­rent. The more pub­lic­ity they get, the bet­ter the de­ter­rent.

Can you imag­ine what would hap­pen if Trump had a Merkel mo­ment? “All are wel­come, we can cope,” she said — and look what has hap­pened!

If Trump did not re­spond in a ro­bust way it is likely that mil­lions of im­mi­grants would flood into the US and prob­a­bly not just from South Amer­ica. He has, af­ter all, given peo­ple a life­line by say­ing those who ap­ply and come legally will be con­sid­ered.

Maybe one day Europe will need a “wall” and armed sol­diers at the bor­der. Maybe that is why Merkel and Macron want the EU to have an army?!

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