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I READ your ar­ti­cle re­gard­ing the new metal num­ber plates (Cyprus To­day, Jan­uary 5) and not hav­ing al­ready fit­ted them I looked up the list of ap­proved num­ber plate sup­pli­ers. Just find­ing an ap­proved sup­plier is a chore in it­self, as the list only pro­vides the name of the com­pany — no ad­dress or tele­phone num­ber.

Even­tu­ally af­ter some Google and Face­book and Google Maps searches I was able to find two sup­pli­ers in Girne and headed off. I went to the first sup­plier. I asked what the pro­ce­dure was be­fore they could pro­vide. The re­sponse was: “Just park the car out­side, we’ll make up the plates and fit them for 100 lira.” When I asked whether they needed ID or log­book for the car, the an­swer was no.

I was con­fused and asked how would they be able to en­ter my de­tails into the on­line sys­tem if they weren’t go­ing to take any in­for­ma­tion from me. Their re­sponse was that they were an ap­proved sup­plier and showed me their sup­plier num­ber 23. I left there feel­ing sus­pi­cious and went to an­other ap­proved sup­plier — num­ber 34 from the list —- who told me ex­actly the same things as the first. The only dif­fer­ence

was the price: 80 lira.

I now have nice new num­ber plates on the car. How­ever I am won­der­ing how is all this go­ing to im­prove things if no in­for­ma­tion what­so­ever was taken or en­tered into an on­line sys­tem ?

It all seems pretty stupid to me and just an­other scheme to line the gov­ern­ment’s cof­fers at the ex­pense of mo­torists.

I have had speed­ing tick­ets in the past which I have paid, al­beit it took the author­i­ties some time to knock on the front door.

Maybe these new plates have GPS track­ers built in.

Er­bay Safer, Yeşil­tepe

Ed­i­tor’s note: A Trans­port and Com­mu­ni­ca­tions Min­istry spokesman said au­tho­rised sup­pli­ers were re­quired to check the ve­hi­cle log book when new num­ber plates were fit­ted and that warn­ing let­ters would be sent out re­mind­ing sup­pli­ers that fail­ure to do so would see their li­cence re­voked. Ve­hi­cle own­ers should re­port sup­pli­ers who fail to do so, he said.

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