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‘illegal residents only caught when they commit crime’


FOREIGN nationals living in North Cyprus without permission are only found out when they commit a crime, a judge in Gazimağusa has said.

The comments were made by Judge Musa Avcıoğlu, who was speaking at the opening session of the 2022-2023 judicial year at Gazimağusa Assize Court. During his speech, he said that 156 criminal cases have been assigned to Gazimağusa Assize Court so far this year, 64 of which are for drugs-related offences.

The judge called for more efforts to be done to prevent crime, which would also reduce the court’s caseload.

“The assize courts continue to take on the burden,” he said. “The number of foreign detainees in prison is 366.

“The number of Turkish-TRNC [dual national] detainees is around 250. In the last judicial year, we saw that foreign nationals who no longer had legal status in the TRNC were not found, and were brought before the court after committing a crime.

“In order to prevent crimes, those [foreign nationals] who have not renewed their legal status should be followed up more frequently. No matter how efficientl­y the assize courts work, the caseload will not lighten as desired unless this is done.”

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