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Government plans to merge municipali­ties taken to court


THE main opposition Republican Turkish Party (CTP) has filed a lawsuit at the Constituti­onal Court aimed at annulling the law regarding the reduction in the number of municipali­ties from 28 to 18.

The case was filed by the party’s secretary-general Asım Akansoy, MP Ürün Solyalı and lawyer Ayşen Özdenefe.

Making a statement outside court after the case was filed, Mr Akansoy said that “unconstitu­tional acts” had been committed during the process of creating the law, and accused the National Unity Party (UBP), the largest party in the coalition government, of having an “I can do what I want” attitude.

Mr Akansoy said it is “the responsibi­lity of opposition parties to correct wrongdoers and bring them around to doing right” and that this is “our most fundamenta­l responsibi­lity, both as citizens and as a political party”.

He concluded by saying that the Constituti­onal Court’s decision would determine if the December 25 local elections will be held for 18 or 28 municipali­ties.

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