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AND ANOTHER THING . . . All that jazz!


MY READER may well have noticed, I have a wide taste in music. For instance, Jazz Trio’s fascinate me, especially when they “Jazz things up” but never lose sight of the song they are interpreti­ng. Three such trios spring to mind. The most underrated (and almost forgotten)? The Nat King Cole Trio. Nat on piano (and vocals, of course), Oscar Moore on guitar and Johnny Miller on double bass. First Album? 1943! Everybody forgets — the “man with the velvet voice” was a great pianist. The most inventive and brilliant? The Jacques Loussier Trio. They first came to my notice in the late 1960s on BBC TV’s late night Play Bach programme.

Louissier on piano, Christian Garros on drums, Pierre Michelot on double bass. Their forte? Classical music jazzed up. Most memorable track? Air on a G String, famously used to advertise Hamlet Cigars! The most surprising of such trios? No doubt about it — The Dudley Moore Trio, Dudley on piano, Jeff Clyne on bass, Chris Karan on drums. Brilliant! Dudley Moore was a great comedian and actor, but he had another talent: he was a fabulous pianist.

“If music be the food of love,” etc. Rock on!

 ?? ?? The Dudley Moore Trio
The Dudley Moore Trio

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