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MOT dates published


THE 2022-2023 Motor Vehicle Inspection List has been published by the Public Works and Transport Ministry.

A statement noted that the list shows the date range in which all vehicles registered in the TRNC should have their inspection­s completed, according to the letters in their number plates.

Section “D” (see image) is the part of the list that will apply to most drivers as it covers the dates for inspection­s for vehicles, motorcycle­s, and hybrid and electric cars that are for private use.

The inspection dates of buses, taxis, minibuses, commercial vehciles and constructi­on vehicles are in section “A” on the list.

Section “B” includes the inspection dates for trailer vehicles, section “C” for temporaril­y registered motor vehicles, section “E” for driving school training vehicles and rally cars, section “F” for hire vehicles, and section “G” for agricultur­al vehicles. The full list can be downloaded from the ministry’s website

The ministry’s statement pointed out that vehicle owners should pay the inspection fee and have their vehicle exhaust emission test for non-electric vehicles before travelling to MOT centres.

In addition, it was stated that the inspection fee can be paid online by card by following the link from or at Vehicle Registrati­on, Inspection and Licensing offices.

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