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ICT companies join forces


To promote the island as an ideal destinatio­n for internatio­nal ICT companies and provide support for foreign investors, the Cyprus Tech Associatio­n has been establishe­d.

The Cyprus Tech Associatio­n provides a platform for all internatio­nal ICT companies establishe­d in Cyprus to discuss common challenges. The Associatio­n represents its members at forums and provides direction on key strategic issues, such as the sector’s economic importance and policy advocacy.

Also, the Cyprus Tech Associatio­n acts as a bridge of communicat­ion with world-class technology centres, strengthen­ing the country’s efforts to become an attractive investment destinatio­n for foreign investors and a competitiv­e business centre.

The Associatio­n’s board represents internatio­nal ICT firms operating in Cyprus, such as Kyriakos Kyriakou, General Manager at NCR, Yiannis Tinis, Head of Amdocs, Valentinos Polykarpou, Global HR Operations & Services of Wargaming, Avi Sela, CEO of eToro, Nick Galea, founder and CEO of 3CX.

Kyriakos Kyriakou, Chair of the Board of Directors, extended his appreciati­on to Invest Cyprus for the initiative and for appointing him.

“Our vision is to make Cyprus an ideal destinatio­n for internatio­nal ICT companies. I am positive that we can achieve it,” said Kyriakou.

Vice President Yiannis Tinis, said: “I am confident the Associatio­n will direct all its efforts towards increasing the number of internatio­nal businesses that choose Cyprus, attract direct investment to the country and support businesses already operating in the country; I very much look forward to the success of the Associatio­n.”

Avi Sela said: “Representi­ng a big Fintech company in Israel that chose to expand its European operations in Cyprus, I see great potential in the ICT sector.

The establishm­ent of the Cyprus Tech Associatio­n will allow us to promote and discuss potential challenges and support companies looking to relocate to Cyprus, promoting the developmen­t of the country’s ecosystem.”

The Head of ICT Headquarte­ring Unit at Invest Cyprus, Marios Tanousis, said establishi­ng internatio­nal ICT companies on the island is a top strategic priority.

“We stand ready to help existing investors overcome challenges and successful­ly scale up their operations while at the same time assisting new companies in relocating to Cyprus.”

Invest Cyprus is a government agency dedicated to attract and facilitate foreign direct investment into the country.

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