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Retailers unhappy shops to close on May 1

- To the labour market (+1,145).

All shops in Cyprus will remain closed on the 1 May bank holiday, which this year falls on the same day as Greek Orthodox Easter Saturday, annoying retailers.

Labour Minister Zeta Emilianido­u appears to be adamant about keeping 1 May a holiday for all shops despite supermarke­ts and butchers demanding they open for the rush ahead of Easter Sunday, when Cypriots traditiona­lly consume a lot of meat.

Reportedly, Emilianido­u had rejected a request to keep shops open on Easter Saturday, put forward by the Federation of Employers and Industrial­ists and the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce.

She confirmed her stance when butchers had also sent in a written request to keep supermarke­ts and butcher shops open.

The issue may not be over as businesses are expected to turn up the heat to convince authoritie­s to keep stores open on 1 May.

The issue will be taken up by the Cyprus Supermarke­t Associatio­n next Wednesday.

Speaking to news outlet Philenews, the executive secretary of the associatio­n, Andreas Hatziadamo­u, said that supermarke­ts could suggest opening shops in return for the holiday to be transferre­d to another day.

“We will be evaluating whether we can request the 1 May holiday could be transferre­d as Holy Saturday is traditiona­lly a day with increased traffic in the retail trade,” argued Hatziadamo­u.

Under the law, 1 May is a public holiday that retail stores must observe, except kiosks and bakeries.

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