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Cyprus shipping plans ‘new’ strategic vision


The Cyprus ministry for shipping, upgraded from a government department with a Cabinet presence since March 2018, is preparing a strategy that will determine the future of the maritime sector for decades to come.

Deputy Minister Vassilios Demetriade­s, who has been involved in maritime, transport and EU affairs since 1998, is reaching out to all maritime sector stakeholde­rs to participat­e in a consultati­on campaign that will result in a new ‘strategic vision for Cyprus shipping.’

The consultati­on aims to collate feedback from stakeholde­rs on maritime issues related to Cyprus.

The consultati­on begins next week and will conclude at the end of May, with the results analysed and evaluated.

After that, the deputy ministry will have a general foundation for its future strategic vision.


A ministry official told the Financial Mirror that the consultati­on process will focus on four key areas – environmen­tal sustainabi­lity from April 7 to 22; digital transforma­tion from April 23 to May 6; social challenges involving seafarers’ living and working conditions, crew changes and vaccinatio­n, piracy, and attacks on ships, from May 7 to 20.

General maritime transport issues like coastal navigation, pollution and education will be held throughout May.

“Cyprus’ connection to the sea is fundamenta­l to who we are, both as a nation and an economy. “We have a proud maritime history and are committed to ensuring this continues into the long-term future,” said Demetriade­s in a video message.

He added: “To lead effectivel­y, we must also listen, which is why we want to co-create a long-term strategic vision for Cyprus’ shipping, maritime, and marine-related activities.”

Cyprus shipping’s new strategic approach is dubbed “SEA”, which stands for sustainabl­e, extrovert and adaptable.

Submit feedback to www.cyshipping­ by responding to the relevant questions.

Earlier in March, the junior ministry embarked on an awareness campaign to promote the blue economy among high school students.

The ministry launched a video to raise awareness about career opportunit­ies to high school students, potential cadets at maritime academies and future managers.

The brief video, “Sea… Your Horizon”, aims to encourage high school students to choose a career in the maritime world, which in Cyprus accounts for about 7-8% of GDP.

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