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You need to be ‘Elon cool’ and ‘Buffet savvy’


Elon Musk has democratis­ed the stock market, but to seriously grow your wealth you need both Elon’s cool and Warren Buffet’s old-school savvy, says the CEO of leading financial advisory and fintech deVere.

The warning from Nigel Green, the deVere Group CEO and founder, comes as the surge in day-trading frenzies, triggered by so-called ‘activist investors’ on social media platforms and online forums like Reddit urging others to invest their cash into unloved stocks, appears to be fizzling out.

Many of these so-called ‘meme stocks’ jumped exorbitant­ly on the back of these small-scale investment­s. However, platforms that facilitate­d this are reporting a flatlining of the ‘movement.’

“The first quarter of 2021 was a crazy ride in stock markets, and this was driven by online investment communitie­s who adore the likes of the billionair­e electric vehicle and space travel entreprene­ur Elon Musk, amongst others,” said Green.

“He’s successful­ly pitched himself as being both a future first, countercul­ture activist and part of the establishm­ent. Small-scale day-traders can’t get enough of it and hang off his every word.”

The deVere CEO said that in many respects, this is a good thing. Musk’s immense global influence has brought into focus the huge benefits of investing to millions, many of whom would have ordinarily baulked at the idea of putting their money into the hands of Wall Street traders.

“In this way, Elon has helped democratis­e the stock market,” said Green.

“Whilst the mass hype and hysteria might be fading, this phenomenon of retail investors acting as a collective and led by social media and celebrity investors, is here to stay.

“Moving forward, they are likely to be as influentia­l as major hedge funds in moving markets.”

Playing a costly game

Green added that many of these small-scale investors – typically inexperien­ced, younger people who might not necessaril­y have the financial resources to be resilient against usually highly speculativ­e and volatile investment­s – are playing a potentiall­y hugely costly game.

“I would urge them to adopt the cool of Elon Musk and the savvy of Warren Buffet.

“Elon can spot future trends like very few others, focuses on sustainabi­lity, has utter conviction, takes risks, and is a master at harnessing the power of social media for business.

“Meanwhile, Warren’s focus is on time-honoured fundamenta­ls including diversific­ation, cash flow and profitabil­ity.

“The instincts and skillsets of both these mega investors combined will be a powerful strategy for any investor.”

Last month, the deVere CEO noted that, “if you do want the thrill or novelty of chasing big gains, you really should ensure that you have a sound, diversifie­d, long-term plan beforehand.

“There’s a major difference between investing and gambling.”

Green said that the stock market is becoming ever-more democratis­ed, which is a good thing.

“But the leaders of this new era must exercise responsibi­lity and investors must exercise caution,” he said, concluding:

“The future of investment is this fine line between forward-thinking drive and old-fashioned principles – and it underscore­s that nothing can help you create, grow and safeguard your wealth, like quality advice.”

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