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Obituary: Pantelis Kouros, President Clerides’ trusted aide


Pantelis Kouros, the most trusted aide President Clerides had throughout his political career, died on Saturday, aged 89. His funeral will take place on Tuesday, at the Constantin­ou and Eleni church and cemetery in Nicosia.

The eulogy will be delivered by President Anastasiad­es, who said in his initial statement that, “Pantelis Kouros was a man with a rare ethos, a rationalis­t, with genuine courtesy. He served his country for decades with exemplary dignity. He wrote his own story next to Glafcos Clerides.”

Pantelis Kouros, a soft-spoken man who avoided publicity and making media statements, was better known for being on the side of Clerides from 1969 with the ‘Eniaion’ party, throughout the 1974 war, setting up the Democratic Rally (DISY) party in 1976, election campaigns, two presidenti­al terms and up to his death in 2013.

Kouros was a member of DISY since its founding and held key party positions up to 1993, after which he served President Clerides as Undersecre­tary for two terms.

In its announceme­nt, DISY said Kouros “stood as much as anyone on the side of the late leader in the developmen­ts that determined the course of modern Cyprus.

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