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Cyta subsea cable


Cyprus Telecommun­ications Authority (Cyta) has launched operations of the ARSINOE optical fibre subsea cable system to boost digital interconne­ction with the rest of the world.

The system, connecting Cyprus with France and Egypt, uses fibre optic technology to provide fast telecommun­ications services.

As Cyta noted, the cable network will prove vital to covering the country’s increased need for internatio­nal connectivi­ty in crucial areas, especially for Internet and Cloud services.

The system reinforces security on an alternativ­e routing of digital communicat­ions between Cyprus and the rest of the world and responds to the need for services that require a brief delay in data transmissi­on.

The ARSINOE network, with a length of 3,750km, is the latest addition to Cyta’s extensive subsea cable system, which links the Eastern Mediterran­ean with data and telecommun­ications centres in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

The authority argued that the cable network strengthen­s the organisati­on’s role and, by extension, Cyprus as an ultramoder­n telecommun­ications hub in the region.

Cyta Chairman Michalis Ioannides said: “ARSINOE is a significan­t addition to Cyta’s internatio­nal infrastruc­ture and will make an important contributi­on to speeding up the digital transforma­tion of Cyprus.”

Cyta CEO Andreas Neocleous pointed out that investment in internatio­nal infrastruc­tures, together with the local developmen­t of fibre optic access and the 5G network, is essential if Cyprus becomes an integral part of the global digital ecosystem, which guarantees the country’s sustainabl­e growth.

“Meanwhile, Cyta’s 5G population coverage is close to 100%, while the CytaFiber network will reach all urban areas by 2023.

“These projects are upgrading the country’s technologi­cal infrastruc­ture and the competitiv­eness of the entire economy.”

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