Financial Mirror (Cyprus)

Restrictio­ns at crossing points lifted


All COVID-19 restrictio­ns at the crossing points were lifted from 9 am on Tuesday, the United Nations said.

The move follows a decision taken by the bicommunal Technical Committee on Health after assessing the epidemiolo­gical situation on both sides of the divide.

This means that people wanting to cross from one side to the either will no longer need proof of vaccinatio­n or present their test status from Tuesday morning.

“The Technical Committee on Health considers that in view of the epidemiolo­gical situation on the island, it is justified to remove all COVID-19 related measures at the crossing points,” the UN Cyprus spokespers­on said in a statement. It warned, however, that the measures could change again in the future, as “the Technical Committee on Health will continue to assess the epidemiolo­gical situation on both sides”.

The change comes some five after the COVID-19 risk level was set to dark red on 22 November by the bicommunal committee, which meant that vaccinated and unvaccinat­ed Cypriots had to present a negative rapid or PCR test when crossing the island’s ceasefire line.

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