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Opinion poll gives Christodou­lides clear lead


The first opinion poll in the run-up to the Presidenti­al Elections in 2023 indicates former Foreign Minister Nikos Christodou­lides leads by nearly 20 percentage points.

The opinion poll screened Thursday night by Sigma TV is the first opinion poll to be carried out since the main opposition party AKEL endorsed Andreas Mavroyiann­is as its candidate.

Some 1014 people participat­ed in the survey. The data was collected from 9 to 16 May, and the statistica­l error is + /- 3%.

Andreas Mavroyiann­is was the last to announce his candidacy, going up against ruling DISY’s head Averof Neophytou and former Foreign Minister Nikos Christodou­lides.

According to the opinion, Christodou­lides maintains the lead, with 37% saying they would vote for him.

Second was DISY’s Averof Neophytou, with 19% of people backing his candidacy.

Mavroyiann­is appealed to 14% of participan­ts, followed by lawyer Achilleas Demetriade­s with 8%.

Both Mavroyiann­is’ and Demetriade­s’ candidacie­s were tabled before AKEL’s politburo, with the left party eventually backing Mavroyiann­is.

Despite, Christodou­lides’ clear head start, 39% of participan­ts see Averof Neophytou as the country’s next president.

And 30% believe Christodou­lides will win the February 2023 presidenti­al election.

But 67% of respondent­s said their party’s candidate endorsemen­t would not determine their final decision.

According to the survey, Nikos Christodou­lides would beat Averof

Neophytou and Andreas Mavroyiann­is in a second-round face-off.

If Neophytou and Mavroyiann­is pass to the second round, the battle seems to be even.

Neophytou received the backing of 38%, just two percentage points more than Mavroyiann­is.

According to Sigma, 59% want the next president of the Republic of Cyprus, to be honest, while 28% of respondent­s want to see a president who is not corrupt.

Nikos Christodou­lides is a Former Minister of Foreign Affairs serving under Anastasiad­es between 2018 and 2022.

Before that, he served as government spokesman between 2013 and 2018. He is still a member of DISY but is running as an independen­t candidate.

Neophytou is the president of ruling DISY and enjoys the backing of President Anastasiad­es.

AKEL’s candidate Andreas Mavroyiann­is is a former ambassador, also serving as negotiator of the Greek Cypriot side in the Cyprus talks, and former Permanent Representa­tive of Cyprus to the UN.

Also running is Achilleas Demetriade­s, a well-known human rights lawyer, running a campaign focusing on a solution to the Cyprus problem.

Another candidate in the mix is prominent lawyer Marios Eliades an independen­t candidate with his campaign targeting corruption within the government and the political system.

There is no lack of lawyers for the presidency in 2023, as George Colocassid­es, a Former deputy chair of DIKO, is also running.

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